Sollos @ Salone Milan 2017

Sollos @ Salone Milan 2017

The 2017 edition marks Sollos’ fourth time at the Fuorisalone, with an increasingly complex and well-­‐defined identity.

The Milan Design Week is the largest design week in the world, which is not only addressed the design, but also the creative process.

“Using a metaphor, it’s like a library, there are many titles, various subjects. And the way you direct your gaze will be your conclusion”, comments Claudio Frank, director of SOLLOS, about the traditional event.

This year, Sollos  chose the sophisticated atmosphere of La Posteria on Via Sacchi an exclusive gallery in the district of Brera, in the historical center of Milan, with the presentation of the international collection in the exhibition entitled “Good News from Brazil”.

Over 500 square metres are dedicated to presenting the latest pieces for 2017 along with iconic items that have won the hearts of so many worldwide.

Thirteen years after its creation, Sollos can be proud  of  its  multi-­‐faceted  collection  that  includes  a  wide variety  of  furnishings,  from  chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, sofas, tables, interior design items, to lighting and decorative accessories.

Quality design is the hallmark of Sollos’ philosophy, and the company has built its entire production chain around it: from the selection of raw materials to production and customer relations.

Sollos’ product philosophy is based on a few cardinal values: quality and integrity in the materials used, with the idea that they can be combined to create new object perspectives and interpretations.

From the project developed by the jaderalmeida design & architecture office, the collection will be exhibited in compositions that are capable of generating different views on the contemporary way of living.

In addition, a large platform seeks to value the individuality of the products.



Sollos collection use intensely top quality wood from unprotected forests and this living, organic and sensual material is their distinctive trait. Through painstaking craftsmanship, the company explores wood’s extreme limits to obtain sophisticated shapes and finishes that delight both the eye and the hand.

Similarly, metals are forged as if they were veritable pieces of jewellery.

Details like these make all the difference in every one of Sollos’ products. While the shape of a piece of furniture might catch the eye, it’s the details that create a deeper and more intimate rapport.



The big news for 2017 is the new collection of CELINE armchairs designed by Jader Almeida, presented for the first time to the international market.

The frame and back are made of solid wood (black walnut or oak, though other essences like beech can also be used on request) and the padded seat is upholstered in matt black leather or fabric.

The Celine lounge chair concept is based on the idea of “arms open wide”. Celine immediately establishes a visual and tactile rapport with people. Its organic shapes are drawn out of the wood and are a natural fit for the human body. The seat follows a sculptural design, as the wooden frame merges smoothly with the upholstery of the seat.

The key characteristic is elegance, born of perfect proportions. As one observes the design, one notices the continuous lines that extend from the back to the base, with intersections and solutions that flow in perfect harmony.

The resulting object is a poetic combination of organic and fluid lines that capture the attention and reveal endless plays of light and shadow, but most of all, extend an invitation to experience total comfort.

Jader Almeida

Jader Almeida comments on the Celine collection: “We based our new collection on the idea of continuity. In every new collection, we consider an element we had never addressed before, but we still maintain a very coherent formal line of thought. Our products bear lasting value, with no frivolous aesthetics as an end in itself. They naturally withstand the test of time, so that the impact they may have in establishing style and taste trends today will still be recognised in the future and continue to be very contemporary.” 



Presented for the first time in Brasil in 2016, the MIA chair will be launched this year for the international market during the Milan Design Week. The design was recently awarded in the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most important global design awards, and it’s had already received the labels from iF Design Award and Good Design Award Chicago.

Its set has well-orchestrated proportions of full and empty; lightness and delicacy of the lines; fluidity of joints and twists, precision of detail and selection of materials, they give the chair the ability to “wear the user’s body as a prosthesis”, according to designer Jader Almeida.

All Sollos products stand out for their high design content and their use of materials of exceptional quality.



All of the elegance of wood is rendered in this piece, this is Memory.  The balance between its materials guarantees beauty and identity. Functionally, it is easy to use and to interpret.

The balance between the wood and metals guarantees beauty and identity. The calm and elegant design is easy to interpret and, in addition to the possibility of regulating the direction of the light, its light weight and delicate nature of its shapes enable it to communicate naturally with all of the objects in its context.


In addition to these, other pieces from the Sollos collection will be on display at La Posteria. Some of the most iconic are Clad chairs, Teca and Legg coffee table and cart lines, Nutt lamps, Mepi and Trinta side tables and the Dora sofa.


ph. Brando Cimarosti


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