Grand British Tea House  @ Salone Milan 2013

Grand British Tea House @ Salone Milan 2013

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Within the presentation space of the Tom Dixon Rough and Smooth exhibit, at the Museum of Science & Technology  ( MOST ) visitors can enjoy the Grand British Tea House.

Tom Dixon’s thinking behind setting up the Tea House, was a holistic one with the framework of the overall project concept – ” Rough and Smooth ”

The ‘Rough’ is the warehouse back-of-house-area that you walk though. That’s something we’re very involved with – the logistics and development – we’ve always been very interested in that.

“So you walk out of that into the public British end, which is represented by a poncy Tea Room.” … Tom

The Tea Room symbolises the ‘ Smooth’, because a British Tea Room is all polished and sophisticated.

tom dixon tea house at most (5)

An assortment of British Teas; Darjeeling, Asam, Earl Grey and English Breakfast is being served from the new Eclectic Form Tea set, alongside quintessentially British cucumber sandwiches, freshly baked scones and the traditional Ploughman’s lunch for all the weary visitors passing through.

tea house



tom dixon tea house at most (6)


tom dixon ecelctic tea set


tom in the tea house


tom in the the tea house


eclectic tea set

A six-piece set all formed in solid brass including tea pot, jug, tea caddy, milk jug, sugar dish & spoon and tray.

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