Tom Dixon – Rough & Smooth @ Salone Milan 2013

Tom Dixon – Rough & Smooth @ Salone Milan 2013


For the 2nd year in a row, the rendezvous with Tom Dixon’s eagerly awaited luminous and metallic universe, was undertaken amidst steam locomotives, submarines and old military vessels at MOST ( Museum of Science and Technology )

Tom cleverly presented his his rapidly growing furniture, lighting and design objects collections – all of which shared Tom Dixon‘s rigorous engineering precision of shape combined with a crafts-man’s attention to choice and finish of the materials employed. This year he explored both texture and the material weight of production in his new collection, as well as extreme polished surfaces and sharp lines.

tom dixon most above

Tom and his design team transformed their MOST space into a theatrical journey enlightening visitors into the “ World of Tom Dixon “.

Tom took visitors on an exploration of two contrasting environments – “ Rough & Smooth “ – a story of opposites.


rough & smooth tom dixon milan 2013

Rough & Smooth” – a sort of oxymoron that perfectly describes the attention Dixon devotes to the surfaces of his creations that, more often than not, are in metal: aluminium alloys, brass and steel…

1)  “Rough“ , because Tom has been experimenting with hard and angular lines in his design, taking inspiration from roughly cut stones and with new textured materials.

If I could, I’d bring some rocks to Milan…There’s something in the rough materials we find in nature that makes even the most advanced lamps more interesting.”

2) “ Smooth “, because Tom has used soft materials and utilising smooth finishes.

I’m interested in contrasts, shiny surfaces contrasting with matte ones

warehouse area tom dixon most

The Journey began in Tom’s replication of his London Warehouse – the Back of House !

As visitors entered they found themselves in a huge warehouse, complete with sky-high racking including construction tape, signs and machinery a conveyer belt and even a fork lift truck ! showing all Tom’s new products ready to be shipped,

The presentation of the new collection was in “ Factory / Warehouse / Loading Dock ” – as  if the objects were fresh out production ! ( and some were just that )

conveyor belt tom dixon most


loading bay tom dixon most


This was contrasted with a change of scenery ( and story ) as visitors walk through to a Full-scale highly polished showroom ( Front of House ) – complete with shop presentation display windows.

The collection is comprised of awesome furnishing items that look like beautiful sculptural objects and artwork.

warehouse exit low res

New Products shown in the Gallery / Slideshow below include

Gem comprises a group of angular lights, tables and mirrors, – made from sand cast from nickel-plated aluminium, which took inspiration from cut gemstones. Each piece is characterized by the cavities formed by sand and grit during its making, which are left vacant to give the object its own identity.

Cell lights made from multiple layers of etched polished brass, . Cell is a collection of minutely etched polished brass lights that cast wonderfully intricate shadows and a variegated glow.

Bell lamp lights are dome shaped pendant and floor lamps. These feature a mirror finishing and therefore take on the colors and characteristics of the surrounding. The material used to make these beautiful lamps is same as used for making the bumpers of vintage cars ( chrome-plated steel ). The underside of the lamp is made of frosted glass emitting a soft light.

Flask is another intriguing lamp which is a spherical hand-blown ridged and rounded flask that reflects rippled light and the upper component is a smoked glass hood that engulfs the light emitted by the lamp.

Spun uses curves of solid brass sheets that are hand spun, welded and polished to a mirror finish. Spun champagne bucket and the spun tables are the classy furniture pieces bringing a retro age to the modern era home.

Mass coat stand and book stand are two huge furniture pieces with a brass covering. These furniture pieces furbish with time giving the appearance of an antique bronze statue.

Fan dining chair, stool, and table are elegant furniture pieces made out of machined wood spindles.


“Because we spend a lot of our time thinking of the latest lamps and lighting effects in our work as product and interior designers, we leapt at the opportunity of a partnership with Megaman, one of the leading companies in the world specialising in low energy light-sources.

Milan 2013 068

The illumination field is so important from a sustainability standpoint and so exciting from the technology perspective, that we are delighted to take the first step in what we believe will be an ever evolving partnership to collaborate, develop, test and communicate the benefits and aesthetics of the new sources of illumination.”

bespoke hero shot

Tom utilised the Salone as the opportunity to launch his new “Bespoke Production Service” offered by his company.

Tom Dixon Bespoke utilises existing Tom Dixon products, designs and production processes to create tailored design solutions and unique commissioned pieces

dedece australia at work


This service provides architects, interior designers and commercial customers with the ability to customise selected products from the Tom Dixon range to suit their project (subject to minimum order quantities). It is only available with ” minimum order quantities” and is the perfect solution for projects that need something a little different.

bespoke tom dixon salone milan 2013

tea house tom dixon

tea house tom dixon

Towards the end of the Journey, visitors could rest in the Tea Room, a British touch relating back to Tom’s upbringing and UK culture.

The tea was furnished and lit using Tom’s latest collection pieces – Products in use for testing out !

form tea set

The tea and small snacks were served from Tom Dixon’s new home accessories collection –  Eclectic Form Tea Set

tea house tom dixon

And finally visitors on the “Tom Dixon World” journey – had a chance to  ” Exit Through The Eclectic Gift Shop

eclectic shop

Expanding on Tom’s inaugural Eclectic collection, launched in 2012, Tom was keen to showcase his newest design objects and gifts for the MOST Salone 2013 alongside the new “Rough & Smooth” lighting and furniture collection.

eclectic tom dixon shop milan


These objects are expressive and built to last. Designed to be the perfect gift for a loved one to treasure or a key accent for your own home.

This new collection includes: Tool the Mathematician, Scent Candle Gift Set and Cell Tea Light Holder Stainless Steel which are available to buy in May.

eclectic tom dixon shop milan

And so ends this tour – please come again next year … !

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