Our History...

Dedece was established in 1978, as a family business focussed on quality interior design products – and continues to proudly fulfil those original visions.

It is this family passion and dedication, that ensures Dedece remains focussed and committed through the evoluton of design appreciation in Australia.

Dedece has been synonymous with the presentation and marketing of quality interior and exterior design products. We have a underllying mission to provide products which create strong and lasting design impacts, yet at the same time fulfil the functional needs of the customer.

We are extremely proud of our continuing efforts to actively develop the Australian market’s awareness of quality products and the Australian Built Environment projects. We believe that our strong and consistent design background will be further enhanced, as our expanding marketing strategies continue to promote design awareness within the Australian marketplace.

From our earlier days presenting Danish Design to the Australian A & D community, through to our present day broader based complimentary exclusive brands from Europe and the USA – Knoll, Minotti, De Padova, Paola Lenti, Bonacina 1889, Adelta, Tom Dixon, Kreon, Sollos, Davide Groppi and Swarovski Crystal Palace – Dedece has been at the forefront of contemporary and classic design promotion in Australia.

Dedece is Knoll, Minotti, De Padova, Paola Lenti,
Bonacina 1889, Adelta, Tom Dixon, Kreon, Sollos,
Davide Groppi and Swarovski Crystal Palace…


Dedece prides itself on its acknowledged Style Leadership role in the Australian A & D community.

In fact, more than any other Australian company (still in existence today), dedece is credited with the ongoing education, presentation and design philosophy awareness for the “BEST OF” in Commercial and Residential product design.

In order to showcase those brands and their product collections fully, dedece has in put in place a network of beautifully presented central city showrooms in Sydney &  Melbourne – together with appointed dealers in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

They are all manned by professional sales people, who promote our exclusive brand collections to architects, designers, decorators, engineers, consultants and their clients.

We offer exceptional service through extensive brand and product knowledge, appropriate sales support processes and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


To represent the highest quality products in the market and to present those products professionally in context settings that customers will understand.

    1. To support our product collections with customer service of equal strength.
    2. To successfully anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the marketplace.
    3. To recognize that Good design is Good business.
    4. To recognise that comfort, simplicity, pleasure and practicality are all natural by-products of design.
    5. To ensure progressive improvement is made to all key business areas.
    6. To ensure Brands represented satisfy  –  aesthetic design /  functionality /  historical significance /  vision to the future.


263 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney
NSW 2010 Australia

Phone:   +61 2 9360 2722
Fax:   +61 2 9360 9022
Email:   info[at]dedece[dot]com
Attention of:   John Engelen

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