Paola Lenti [pt 2/5] @ Salone Milan 2017

Paola Lenti [pt 2/5] @ Salone Milan 2017

On occasion of this year Milan Design Week, Paola Lenti’s new collections are on display in the Fabbrica Orobia 15 industrial site in Milan.

A wonderful installation, an explosion of colour, a laboratory where material and textiles researches never ends … entering in Fabbrica Orobia and in Paola Lenti world is wonder at every corner.

The simplicity of the forms and their chromatic hues become narrative material, metaphorical language. The artistic energy that ascends from the furniture by Paola Lenti – capable of melting substance and vision – remarkably reveals the very essence of reality and returns it to the world.

Paola Lenti apply design principles for the outdoor to the indoor …

… and colours recur in indoors and outdoors.

She researches materials and textiles.

She creates fabrics, carpets and coverings.

She imagines the raw material the designer will use for his or her piece.


Moving through the exhibition, the space opens up to a Moroccan inspiration outdoor area.


The core theme of this installation, Chords, reveals tracks, intangible counter-points, passages towards flexible spaces, domestic topographies where Paola Lenti creations hold the balance between energy and grace, precision and style, by virtue of a phrasing made of soft modulations always pursuing beauty and usefulness.

Paola Lenti worked on a global idea: pieces are exhibited together with architectural works and installations. Fabbrica Orobia, the location chosen for the FuoriSalone, with its heights and large spaces, allowed her to fully develop this new project.

This year the spirit of the collection focuses on indoor areas, because she wants to express ourselves in a new dimension.

Blending together new and old objects, indoor and outdoor materials, and created a new vision of the interiors.

The leitmotif linking texture and objects makes  spaces very powerful, rooms are more modular, with vibrant colours.


The public outdoor area is a place to relax being surrounded by Paola Lenti Creations.


We have been lucky to also access theVIP lounge area :)

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