Paola Lenti [pt 1/5] @ Salone Milan 2017

Paola Lenti [pt 1/5] @ Salone Milan 2017


During the Milan International Design Week Paola Lenti present its new collections in a new venue in via Orobia 15 – an old and fascinating production site dating back to the last century.



Chords is the theme of this edition, revealing tracks, intangible counter-points, passages towards flexible spaces, domestic topographies where Paola Lenti creations hold the balance between energy and grace, precision and style, by virtue of a phrasing made of soft modulations always pursuing beauty and usefulness.



New perspectives induce unprecedented relation schemas; unexpected living models offer a visible synthesis of form and function: the objects of furnishings speak the exclusive language of art, in a shared horizon that cancels every boundary between the enclosed and the open, between the inside and the outside. Polyphonies and chords made of projects and achievements.



The simplicity of the forms and their chromatic hues become narrative material, metaphorical language. The artistic energy that ascends from the furniture by Paola Lenti – capable of melting substance and vision – remarkably reveals the very essence of reality and returns it to the world.



Rooms without doors open on pathways, which disclose weaves transpiring imagination and accuracy as aesthetic method. It is the story of different levels of reality, a new composition of plots, intersections, variations and overlaps in a constant search for beauty, which dwells only in interplay, essential to combine imagination with life.



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