Rich, Bright, Willing – “bright side” lights

Rich, Bright, Willing – “bright side” lights


bright side lights

Artecnica’s first collaboration with New York based design trio Rich, Brilliant, Willing –  titled Bright Side, is a collection of pendant lamps made from glass cast in molds cut directly from digital files. Bright Side Lights personifies a message of optimism through design and function.

The cast glass pendants are durable, recyclable, and can be used as a hanging pendant lamp, or laid on their sides as a table lamp. The Bright Side lights are a striking modern form realized by an ancient medium of glass work.

The Bright Side series of pendant lamps were inspired by the glass insulators that were once used on power lines; the base of each one is inscribed with inspirational phrases–such as .. “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

Materials · Cast Glass       //    Dimensions · 16.6 cm x 18.1 cm

Priced approx $125 – $150 each  ( excl cord and lamp holder )

See dedeceplus to order      Available October 2010

Richardson, Brill, Williams = Rich, Brilliant, Willing


Founded in 2007, Rich Brilliant Willing is an internationally recognized, Manhattan-based multidisciplinary design studio. Theo Richardson, Charles Brill & Alex Williams are Rich Brilliant Willing.

Each member has a different point of view; one explicitly loves materiality, another has an unconventional color palette and eye for sculptural form, the third is an inventor bringing spontaneity and theatrical energy to the work.

Rich Brilliant Willing was named among the “Top 40” designers by I.D. magazine in January 2009, and named an “Avant Guardian” by Surface magazine in November of the same year.

Recent press includes: Wallpaper, FRAME, Surface, Details, Metropolis, Architecture Moniteur and multiple appearances in The New York Times.


What kind of designer is Rich Brilliant Willing?

We do more with less. We are as much artists as designers. We employ a gamut of tricks and techniques, from the magical to the scientific to achieve extraordinary results. We design at various scales: products, packaging, installations and spaces.

Our methodology is evident in all our work, a combination of technical sophistication with old-fashioned sleight of hand. We create new things where necessary and often appropriate existing components. Our moniker, Rich Brilliant Willing, is exemplary of this process, by re-imagining what was there to begin with: Richardson, Brill, Williams.

We prefer this definition of a designer as “one who devises a course of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.” Our results should always feel magically effortless but behind the scenes here is a laboratory hard at work.

We use a process of material & formal logic: observation and analysis, hypothesis paired with experimentation, finally synthesis. Our three principal designers work together as a singular voice. We are only half the conversation, we welcome new client briefs and we look forward to speaking with you.


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