Bright nights @ Union Square Park, New York 2006

Bright nights @ Union Square Park, New York 2006

Bright Nights – from December 4th to December 26th, 2006, Target and Studio Tord Boontje transformed the footpath in Union Square Park into an incredible world of holiday imagery. By using the most sophisticated technology, Boontje’s signature animals and iconic designs were actually interacting with visitors – playing, running, spinning and even floating away, creating a virtual petting zoo.

Since these behaviours were not repetitive or pre-designed, guests could invent new games to play within the environment each time they visited Bright Nights.

My inspiration for Bright Nights was a desire to awaken the senses and bring wonder and fantasy to many this holiday season. By partnering with Target, I had the opportunity to design a never-before-seen lighting installation that, while technically advanced, is also emotional and memorable. My vision for building a winter wonderland in New York City has been brought to life.


This amazing sensory experience was enhanced by the infectious, electronic soundtrack of Goldfrapp.

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