Clara von Zweigbergk’s Geometry for Artecnica

Clara von Zweigbergk’s Geometry for Artecnica

Clara von Zweigbergk …  “the shapes quickly came together as a mobile. I think of them as planets and like to see the colors change while gently turning.”

Clara was inspired by the geometric design of polyedra – The Themis Mobile is a delicate, geometric décor piece composed of five faceted ornaments, each with its own distinct palette of color: fluorescent neons, purples and browns.

The stark contrast of the vibrantly colored planes creates a dramatic visual effect, yet as they slowly turn, suspended in the air by a delicate frame and thin wires, the effect is quietly striking, fragile, and ethereally beautiful.

click here to see a mini movie of the themis mobile

Following the success of her first hanging mobile with Artecnica, Clara von Zweigbergk is at it again. The newly released  Themis Trio Mobile features a juxtaposition of neon and muted colorways, furthering her signature color pairings now seen across three Artecnica products: Themis, Bloom Cards, and now Themis Trio.

clara von zweigbergk in her studio

themis trio (l) themis (r)


Themis Mobile used on the Vitra stand at Salone Milan 2011

Artecnica Bloom cards by Clara von Zweigbergk

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature” —Gerald De Nerval

Bloom cards by Clara for Artecnica – are a whimsical series of pop-up cards that unfold into lovely floral messages, can be used as a greeting card, post card, gift tag, ornamental sticker, room décor, bookmark, or simply a gesture of love.



About Clara von Zweigbergk

Clara was born in Stockholm in 1970.

She studied graphic design and illustration at Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm, and at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA.

She has worked as a graphic designer with advertising agencies and designers in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Milano.

In 1997 she founded Rivieran Design Studio, with two partners, a multi- disciplinary agency spawning many successful collaborations within fashion, illustration, architecture, furniture, product, and graphic design.

After four years of employment as a senior graphic designer at Lissoni Associati in Milano, with clients such as Boffi, Armani and Alessi, she has started a studio in Stockholm.

She works with corporate design systems, packaging and exhibitions, as well as designing and illustrating books.

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