Kaktus stool by Enrico Bressan for Artecnica

Kaktus stool by Enrico Bressan for Artecnica

Three years in making, Artecnica co-founder Enrico Bressan has finally perfected the Kaktus Stool – beautifully delicate in appearance, unfathomably strong in construction.

A sturdy, super lightweight polished recycled aluminum stool ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Designer and architect Enrico Bressan took inspiration for Kaktus from the fibrous skeleton of the Staghorn Cholla cactus. A popular, tree-like cactus plant often seen in the Sonoran Desert, the many spines of the Staghorn Cholla intertwine and branch out like flowering deer antlers. Without the plump red, orange, yellow, green, pink, and bronze fruits of the blossoming Staghorn, the Kaktus Stool finds its only brilliance in a modern interpretation made using polished stainless steel.



Using CAD software, Bressan designs a lightweight stool with sinewy lines that, while dis- armingly delicate, is intrinsically capable of supporting great weight. Kaktus’ beauty and physical stability are conceptually inseparable, and subsequently, classic Artecnica

Dedece’s first stock will arrive in July, 2010 and will sell for $325  ( less $ for project qtys)

Enrico and Tahmineh

Enrico Bressan

A native of Italy and an architect by trade, Bressan, he has spent many years as a computer electronic design engineer. In 1986 he co-founded Artecnica with Tahmineh Javanbakht. The focus of the business was architectural and interior design services for clients including Gianni Versace and Sebastian International. Bressan’s award-winning architectural work. has recently extended to developing sustainable product design and architectural programs with foundations and design schools in the Dominican Republic, Brazil and California.

Tahmineh Javanbakht

An Iranian-born artist, American educated Javanbakht has produced many commissioned paintings. She is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where she has also taught experimental painting. Her designs have sold at specialty design and museum stores around the world. While collaborating with Enrico Bressan on several freelance projects, Artecnica was born. Javanbakht works and lives in Los Angeles.


Designboom Interviews with Enrico Bressan Milan Design Week 2008


Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment.

Alongside such talented designers as Tord Boontje, Hella Jongerius and the Campana brothers, we continue to explore vibrant, colorful ways of expressing compelling ideas and bringing delight and discovery to everyday design.

Artecnica is committed to considering issues of environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Products are often made with recycled materials and transported in easy-ship flat packages to help reduce our carbon footprint. And our Design with Conscience® program works with artisan communities in developing countries to produce unique handcrafted objects that reflect indigenous skills. This humanitarian approach supports shared work and profit across borders, cultures, races, and religions. Here again, design acts as a catalyst for change, providing an opportunity to help transform the global landscape

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