In Scena Rugs by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

In Scena Rugs by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

A sequence of architectures in the form of theatre drapes, aimed to narrate intuitions, innovations and products of yesterday and today, in a continual dialogue between colour, matter and form.

This was the proposal of Paola Lenti company for the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15

The creative thinking of the company permeated throughout the entire In Scena proposal – from the furniture products, to the moving ceramic, metal and fabric installations, to the decorations of the architecture and through to the rugs – with all the elements interpreting this scenery, contributed to the creation of a coherent and balanced wholeness

Another Masterpiece from Paola !!

The rug, as a form of identifying personalized spaces, has been present throughout the ages.

It is used to delineate volume, positive space, or even personal territory; it enables an area to become the expression of an individual’s character and experience.

For nearly twenty years, Paola Lenti has interpreted and creatively expressed the importance of this spatial anchor in its range of rugs.

The company has never lost sight of traditional production techniques, like weaving and embroidery, and it combines them with high quality raw materials.

Paola Lenti rugs are a synthesis of ancient and modern, design and handicraft, natural fi bers and high tech yarns; they generate harmony between matter, colour and production techniques.

Paola Lenti collections have made the rug an integral part of interior design while constantly adding new offerings suitable both for home and contract projects.

Now, after two decades of work, the company presents the entire collection of rugs for interior and exterior environments in one single volume, unsurpassed in its variety, typologies and materials



Felt rugs

The aesthetic and functional characteristics of Paola Lenti’s signature Felt allow for the production of refined and enduring rugs, which are entirely assembled and finished by hand.

The different components of the rug, including the designs, are stitched together with threads, without any glue. Furthermore, all stitching threads are accurately and precisely hand fastened.

Paola Lenti Felt is moth-proof and is not damaged by humidity.

Felt rugs are available in a wide range of solid and chiné colours.

The almost tailor-like production, the variety of colours, dimensions and patterns in the collection allow for the design of truly one-of-a-kind rugs, giving the possibility of combining colours, dimensions, pattern placement and types of stitching.

For the special rugs, the Company provides both consultancy and the possibility to receive a computer rendering of the rug in reduced scale, to verify the overall chromatic effect and the final result.

Paola Lenti Felt is an exclusive, woven felt, resistant to pilling and certified fire resistant; it is produced almost completely by hand with an accurate selection of the best wools; it is compact, warm and comfortable and is not significantly affected by water or humidity.

The almost 100 colours in the collection are always available; the solidity, density and uniformity is due to the dying of the woven felt; the rich shades of the chiné colours are achieved by dying the yarn prior to weaving.

Each rug in the Felt collection is a special project: the hand production process allows for a personalized combination of colours and patterns.

Felt rugs can be produced both with a single or double layer of felt, embroidered with polyester ribbons and yarns, with appliquéd or die-cut designs.

Embroideries, inner and border stitching are executed with different stitches to characterize each single rug.

A careful analysis of the different stitching options, which always guarantees the best aesthetics and functionality, enables the company to produce rugs in custom dimensions, starting from pieces with maximum width of cm 200.




Area rugs

Area rugs are entirely hand made.

These rugs are produced with New Zealand wool; some of them can also be produced using Royal silk yarns of the highest quality instead or with the wool.

After the yarn is hand tufted to the rug’s weft, the artisan begins the intricate and highly precise process of cutting and shaping with shears in order to create the complex patterns that are the defining aesthetic feature of these rugs.

Precious and long lasting, the Area rugs are available in several hues, also in custom dimensions.

The resistance to light and to the recommended cleaning method, the quality and the density of the yarns guarantee that the designs hold their shape over time and ensure that Area rugs will retain their body and lustre over many years.

For these reasons, the Area rugs are suited also to high traffic areas.

The variety of designs and colours allows for the creation of tailor-made rugs; for special rugs, the Company provides a computer rendering of the rug in reduced scale, to verify the overall chromatic effect and the final result.

The collection represents the best of contemporary design using traditional techniques, combining creativity and craftsmanship to produce three-dimensional surfaces with geometric patterns or decorations inspired by nature.




Natural rugs

Natural rugs are made with different techniques and materials.

Cords, braids, knitted tubular fabrics, conceived by Paola Lenti and produced exclusively for the Brand, are loom woven, hand tufted or simply sewn, to create rugs and mats which are unique for their aesthetics, chromatic effect and functionality.

A contemporary interpretation of classics which becomes new and unprecedented thanks to the quality of the materials.

Resistant to light and long lasting, Natural rugs are available in several colours, also in custom dimensions.

The rugs in the Natural collection are made of wool cords in solid or mélange colours; surfaces with different styles and textures interpret classical mats and rugs with a contemporary approach, combining a traditional material with unusual techniques.

This endeavor allows for the creation of exquisite graphic effects, which originate from the intricate patterns, the interweaving of colours and from the plays of light created by unique mélange hues.




High Tech rugs

High Tech rugs are produced with Aquatech and Rope, Paola Lenti signature yarns which provide for high performance in outdoor environments.

Specifically conceived for exterior environments, the yarns used in the High Tech collection represent a true innovation, allowing Paola Lenti to expand its offering from conventional domestic spaces into harsher exterior environments such as marine and spa use.

Rope and Aquatech are Paola Lenti signature materials; they are resistant to UV rays and to sea and swimming pool water and can be produced in different weaves, so it is possible, for exterior environments too, to choose the same material for both rugs and seating upholstery.

High Tech rugs are produced with various techniques allowing for different aesthetics while ensuring the same quality performances of the materials used.

They can be hand tufted, hand crocheted, woven, embroidered or produced by joining braids or sewing cords.

Due to the qualities of the yarns used, these rugs are especially resistant to atmospheric agents and can be easily maintained.

High Tech rugs are available in several colours coordinated to the upholstery fabrics of Paola Lenti seating furniture.

Long lasting and easy to maintain, these rugs represent a valid alternative also for indoor spaces, both residential and contract.

High Tech rugs are available in a wide range of standard dimensions, but can be produced also in custom sizes

Rope is a non-toxic and bacteriostatic yarn.

It is mass-dyed in a wide range of bright or pastel colours.

Rope is used to produce cords and braids which allow for truly different production results.

Aquatech is a yarn with the appearance of straw.

It is available in a range of colours inspired by natural hues.

Aquatech is used to produce cords and braids which preserve the natural appearance of the yarn.

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