In Scena at La Tenda @ Salone Milan 2019

In Scena at La Tenda @ Salone Milan 2019

During the 2019 International Design Week, from 9 to 14 April, the La Tenda boutique in via Solferino 10 again participated in the events and the happenings of Fuorisalone, drawing its attention to the world of creativity, culture and social issues.

In Scena is a multitude of surprises, the result of the collaboration that blossomed between La Tenda and three exceptional protagonists who have always crossed that with their works that magical border area where ideas express themselves free from any constraint, including references and quotations: –

Paola Lenti, a company that has managed over time to create a complete collection of furnishings, fabrics, materials and architectures for interiors and exteriors capable of transforming every environment into a welcoming and colorful space;

SWORD 6.6.44 brand, an excellent witness of the times,

Duilio Forte, simultaneously designer and sculptor.



Paola Lenti

The set up proposes light shading structures dressed in a cool ivory color and with large fabric sheets in natural shades.

The welcoming meeting and conversation opportunities were conceived by combining Portofino armchairs and stools, in the brand new version with a glossy painted structure and sand-colored fabric, with the Otto poufs, made in different shapes and sizes in cement, ice and brown tones.

Paola Lenti also used the Giro tables, accessories with essential shapes and tops in light and bright colors.

This year’s exhibition therefore plays on the contrast between the opacity of the fabrics, all made exclusively by Paola Lenti, and the brilliance of the glossy varnishes and the tops in natural and precious materials.

The set created by Paola Lenti is as always coherent, light and harmonious and immediately conveys a feeling of sober, elegant serenity.


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Duilio Forte 

The showcase window, sees an interpretation by Duilio Forte of the Carta Marina and the Ursi Albi


The Carta Marina map, in nine sheets 55 x 40 cm, written in 1539, had a second edition published in 1555 together with the Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, the monumental work in Latin on the Scandinavian costumes that was translated into Italian in 1565.

“Ursi Albi”: the idea of ​​URSUS  originates from the passion for the Biology museum in Stockholm, Biologiska Museet, of 1893, a large diorama of the Scandinavian fauna at 360 degrees painted by Bruno Liljefors and the discovery of the magnificent Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus preserved at Carolina Rediviva the main building of the Uppsala university library.


duilio forte



A Film About Atelier Forte




SWORD 6.6.44

SWORD 6.6.44, the brand of leather jackets with an authentic and personal soul.

Giacomo Zanellati, creative director of the brand, an excellent witness of the ever-changing times, enters the scene with a limited edition of just 12 pieces: a single model in two colors and personalized with the suggestions of the Italian-Swedish artist Duilio Forte.

A nail made unique by the Latin writings taken from the Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus hand painted with vegetable dyes.

An extraordinary tale of knowledge and of gritty aesthetics, characteristics of the SWORD 6.6.44 brand.

Giacomo Zanellati




Alto Milano

For the occasion, Alto Milano created a limited edition of socks dedicated to the famous “Ursi Albi” by the artist Duilio Forte, author of the installation inspired by the atmosphere of Northern Europe that animates the window of La Tenda during the Fuorisalone.


Dynamo Camp

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the furnishings by Paola Lenti, the limi­ted edition jackets by Word 6.6 44, and the Alto Milano Duilio Forte socks – will support the activities of the Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus.

Dynamo Camp is an organization offering programs of recreational therapy to children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old, suffering from serious or chronic diseases, during the therapy or in the period after hospitalization.

Dynamo Camp’s mission is to offer these children the opportunity to go back to being “just children”.



About LaTenda

More than a clothing boutique, La Tenda Milano can be defined as a crossroads of multiple expressive paths, which range between art, fashion and culture and which find their natural habitat here, in the shadow of the Madonnina.

This particular conception of emotional shopping has become a real trademark, a trademark that the brothers Vittorio and Stefano, sons of Marco Longoni, creator of the first store, express in their boutiques.

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