In Scena Indoors by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

In Scena Indoors by Paola Lenti @ Salone Milan 2019

Paola Lenti’s latest proposal was presented in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15, Milan

It featured a series of striking architectural backdrops, arranged like theatrical scenes, to tell the story of Paola Lenti’s latest intuitions, innovations and products, of today and of yesterday, in a continuous dialogue between color, matter and form

Paola stills dreams large in glorious Colour !  –  bravo bravo bravo

The creative thinking of the company permeated throughout the whole installation.

From the exquisite furniture pieces, to the memorable ceramic, metal and fabric installations, beautifully encapsuled within the decorations of the architecture, in which all of the components interpreting this theatrical scenery, collectively produced a coherent and balanced wholeness.

This is not easy to find in the glitz and glamour of the Salone

paola and anna lenti preparing the in scena show for salone milan 2019 – smile armchair and zoe rug


SCENA     –    the 2019 Paola Lenti installation Theme

From the latin scaena, greek σκηνή Curtain, backdrop of the stage.

A part of the theater dedicated to action, which is delimited by structures that form the specific scenery of each act.

A sequence of architectures in the form of theatre drapes, aimed to narrate intuitions, innovations and products of yesterday and today, in a continual dialogue between colour, matter and form.

Essential forms and edited colour hues become narrations proposing different plots in each room and visualizing the company personal idea of contemporary living

A concept where different elements naturally coexist in surprising projects always based on the mindful use of resources and materials with respect for the environment.

The unique, unmistakable language and the established aesthetic identity of Paola Lenti have been expressed in the indoor and outdoor living spaces since 1994.

A rhythm set by iconic pieces that coexist today with original and exclusive novelties aimed to achieve a perfect synthesis of functionality and sustainability.

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IN SCENA. Milano Design Week. Via Orobia 15, 9-14 April. – Fred Astaire meets Gene Kelly in The Babbit and the Bromide from Ziegfeld Follies‬, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – 1945; dir. VV.AA., prod. A. Freed; written by VV.AA. section written by Irvin Brecher; directed by Vincent Minnelli; music and lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin © Arthur Freed Productions © A&R Productions Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros. Inc. distribution – #paolalenti #paolalenti_inscena #mdw2019 #fuorisalone2019 #fabbricaorobia #milanodesignweek2019 #ziegfeldfollies #genekelly #thebabbitandthebromide #fredastaire #arthurfreed #vincenteminnelli #georgeandiragershwin #metrogoldwinmayer #warnerbros #1940s

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reception area and information desk

Creative interplays and interweaves, originating over the years from the collaboration of the company with designers, artists, and important industry suppliers that share the same passion for experimentation, combined to allow Paola Lenti to beautifully present an enriching modern comprehensive project, where furniture, floorings, wall coverings, movable partitions and architectural structures coexist.

Thus, the tangible result of this research activity is a complete, innovative collection, designed according to a new overall personal concept of living spaces.

It is the inception of a distinctive and unmistakable style, able to evolve, yet retaining its force and coherence, where all the objects dialogue with each other in a mindful play of balance, which is the synthesis of the unique perception of space, form and colour which has always been the hallmark of Paola Lenti



The Rug Room –  structure, texture, colour

For nearly twenty years, Paola Lenti has interpreted and creatively expressed the importance of this spatial anchor in its range of rugs.

Paola Lenti rugs are a synthesis of ancient and modern, design and handicraft, natural fibers and high tech yarns; they generate harmony between matter, colour and production techniques.

The company has never lost sight of traditional production techniques, like weaving and embroidery, and it combines them with high quality raw materials.

Now, after two decades of work, the company presented it’s entire collection of rugs for interior and exterior environments in one single volume, unsurpassed in its variety, typologies and materials.



Couture Hanging Screen

The experience of a life lived between pieces translates into an emotional journey called “Couture”, a work that tells the 25 years of Paola Lenti’s textile collections

Couture is a sublimation of the material with over ten thousand combinations of small tesserae consisting of fabric elements, cut by hand and superimposed on each other, of different colors and textures

Tiles connected together in a horizontal and vertical direction by a thin cord like a network, to underline the value of Italian craftsmanship.

The Couture partition is composed of many thousands of small fabric elements, resulting from hand cutting and superimposing additional layers together in different colours and textures.

Couture partitions are fixed to the ceiling while they move freely on the ground.




orbitry low swing and simple armchair

smile armchair and zoe rug

silent bed with build bed head, zoe rug, reel side table, giro side table,frame bench, sika basket

silent bed with build bed head, zoe rug, reel side table, giro side table. frame bench, sika basket



Lounge Room 1

tapio armchair

tapio armchair, attolo next sofa, passepartout coffee tables, build wall unit

attolo next sofa, tapio armchair, nesso side table, passepartout coffee tables



Dining Room 2



Apartment Living and Dining

bisso screen, ami armchair, passepartout side table

adele dining chair, nesso dining table, agio sofa modules

agio sofa modules, elissi rug, segni side table, nesso round coffee table



Lounge Room 2

move sofa system, portofino table and chairs

move sofa system, adele armchair, samo rug, nesso coffee table, sciara side tables


The talented Catania couturier Marella Ferrara enriched her “Sciara” project by using glazed lava stone, creating “Moon” a art piece comprising of hundreds of circular lava and glass tiles of different sizes and colors, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon.

This technique has been used in allowing her Sciara tables, previously rectangular or square – to now be made in round table top versions


It was a unique and extraordinary experience, a real privilege to be able to create it for those who, like me, are always in search of beauty in all its nuances ” …………Marella Ferrera


Dining Room 3

mandala hanging screen, portofino dining table and chairs,



Lounge room 2

tapio armchair, all-time sofa, lever coffee tables, ivy coffee table

lever coffee tables, ivy coffee table



Dining room 4

elsie chair, kanji dining table, loto screen

elsie dining chairs, kanji dining table



Lounge room 3

walt sofa, tapio coffee tables, sciara side tables, euclide bookshelf



Dining room 5

taol dining table, adele dining chairs, ramino hanging screen

walt sofa, ivy side tables, taol dining table, adele dining chairs



Break out Room

walt sofa, giro coffee table, calatini ceramic side tables, euclide storage units

walt sofa system, euclide storage units, ami armchair, passepartout table, ivy side tables



Research Library

lido table, stone cubes

sika baskets



Break out Areas

quadri double rug, mandala hanging screen, ribbon sofa system

ribbon sofa, build wall system screen, mandala hanging screen

ribbon lounger, mandala hanging screen

ribbon lounger

bistro sun shades, kiti chairs, portofino chairs, amable chairs, otto poufs





Paola Lenti Indoor Living  –  2019 New Products


Walt Sofa

design Francesco Rota

Walt sofas are a series composed of a three-seater sofa and linear or shaped sectional elements, with or without removable seat cushion.

The elements within the Walt system are available in different dimensions and can be used to create compositions, which may include large poufs and wooden side tables finished Mano Opaca or Mano Lucida.

The structure is padded with stress resistant expanded polyurethane; the upholstery cover is removable and available in Paola Lenti’s signature indoor fabrics.




design Francesco Rota

Series composed of cabinets, low cabinets and bookshelves.

The structure and the swing or sliding doors are finished Mano Opaca or Mano Lucida.

Doors and back panels are also available in extra-light transparent tempered glass.



Portofino Table

design Vincent Van Duysen

Dining table with structure made of gloss-varnished aluminium in the new colours in the collection and wooden top finished Mano Opaca.

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