Hot Wheels Skull Racers @ Customs House, Sydney

Hot Wheels Skull Racers @ Customs House, Sydney

On Thursday March 10, Hot Wheels™ lit up Circular Quay, showcasing groundbreaking 3D projection technology at Customs House in Sydney, Australia. The projection started at 9pm and was replayed over the course of the evening.

In a spine tingling show, the notorious Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle. The eerie cackle of the Skull Master shattered a calm Sydney Harbour

Over three minutes the 3D projection mapping added a whole new dimension to the heritage Customs House, cracking the stone work and letting 3D artistry takes over, revealing the depths of the Skull battle world as the racers put on a gripping light display.

Brought to life by international digital advertising agency Muse Amsterdam, in collaboration with PostPanic and BeamSystems, the projection featured footage of the world’s fastest vehicles in a stunt ridden challenge, travelling through the Customs House facade and into a fantasy world.

3D projection mapping is a projection technology that projects images (typically CGI) on to a three dimensional surface instead of a flat screen to give the appearance of movement on that object.



Founded in 2005, Muse began is an internationally recognised company for its innovative and creative new approaches to communication, enabling direct interaction between brands and people. Their 3D projections have been around the world with displays for AC/DC, Samsung, and retailer H&M.

Mattel (AUS)
Senior Marketing Manager: Amanda Allegos
Senior Brand Manager: Ben Caddy

Muse Amsterdam (NL)
Client Services Director: Michael Littaur
Project Managers: Bert-Jan Strating, Wouter Donkers
Creative Director: Sander Ejlenberg
Art Director: Philia Beroud
Design: Magnus Löwing , Elano Collaco do Monte Teixeira
Strategy: Karlijn van den Berg

Production & Animation: PostPanic (NL)
Technical supervision: Beam Systems (NL)
Sound design: Massive Music
Local Agency Mattel: 2Fish (AUS)
Hardware: TDC (AUS)

Interactive Projection Mapping

The ‘Perspective Lyrique’ 3D projection mapping installation  part of the 2010 Fete des Lumiere (light festival) in Lyon, enabled viewers to morph the theatre des Celestins before their eyes simply by using their voice and facial expressions.

The voice-activated interactive video projection was masterminded by 1024 Architecture in an attempt to “focus on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture”. A total of 32 vocal tones – plus expressions such as fear, anger or merely smiling – created subtle and dramatic deformations in the surface of the building as the theatre’s façade distorted and morphed into a human face

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