Paola Lenti – Outdoor @ Salone Milan 2018

Paola Lenti – Outdoor @ Salone Milan 2018

During the Salone, Paola Lenti again presented her new collections for indoors and outdoors in the fascinating industrial location in via Orobia 15 under the Elmenti theme

Elementi is the common denominator of the creative interplays and intertwining, which originated through the cooperation of the company with other important industrial entities.

Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial design oriented to experimentation and research; this path has led to Paola Lenti becoming one of the Landmarks in the international design sector over the years.

All this without forgetting the past, which is revisited in new and bold shapes and colors, with materials sought in their simplicity.

The tangible results of this work, aimed to design a new global vision of living spaces, is the inception of a common language, where elements like glass and stone, metal and wood dialogue together in a skillful play, the synthesis of the unique perception of space and colour that has always been the heritage of Paola Lenti.


About Elementi

In Plato, the word Elements, from the Greek term stoicheîa, signifies the letters of the alphabet, that is to say the prime elements of each word. The term in the singular is stoichêion, in the sense of principle, beginning and minimal components.

It is indeed from such an elementary principle, an imperceptible source to the most distinct sparkle that the creative path of Paola Lenti starts: a passage, which offers to the elements a primitive vibration, a vital impulse that recompose minimum fragments to transform them in inimitable objects, completed forms, weaves and colour.

This creative sparkle, carrying in itself the desire to reach perfection, is the driving  force, which is able to enhance the elements with new colour hues and unprecedented  significance, to conceive unusual relations between high tech materials and skilled handicraft, to create weaves that open to a new sensorial universe radiating bright, luminous colours.

The creative energy of Paola Lenti gives life to prime elements, letters of an imaginary alphabet, where words become real objects, original furnishing pieces, unique weaves, which enhance living spaces with rhythm, style, and balance.

The ongoing search for beauty through its many expressions is revealed above all by the careful choice of materials that Paola Lenti proposes in new shades and unusual combinations, thanks to an intense dialogue with the world of technological research, an exchange of experiences, which are not only aesthetic, but also respectful of the environment and the nature.

The close and prolific relationship between the technology of materials and the most refined artisanship is one of the constants of the Paola Lenti collections. A process that is both a challenge and a tension towards perfection: features that have been instrumental in establishing the company as a reference point in the multiform universe of contemporary furniture.”  ………………….Paola Lenti



2018 Collections


Amable arm chair, design Victor Carrasco

A new stackable arm chair is added this year to the Amable easy chair series, introduced in 2017.

The stainless steel structure support a wide seat made of molded plastic material available in three colours.

Amable armchair is completed by a removable cover enhancing comfort, available either in Rope cord sewn in a spiral-like pattern or in hand woven Chain Outdoor, a Paola Lenti’s signature tubular knit, padded and available in mélange colours.



Bistro’ Umbrellas in new finishes



Spring poufs, design by Marella Ferrera

The poufs Spring are padded with polystyrene spheres with a polyurethane support and are covered with Kimia fabric, which is embroidered by hand.

The available patterns are inspired by natural elements and are embroidered with flat cords in Rope yarn.

The Spring poufs can be combined with outdoor rugs in the same materials and feature the same patterns.



Bloom tables, design by Marella Ferrera

Bloom is a new series of side tables available in different dimensions.

The stainless steel base is matt varnished in avorio colour.

The top is composed of tiles decorated with glass.

Each tile is a unique piece and compositions follow aesthetic criteria according to the colour hues obtained each time from the singular production technique.

Sicilian designer Marella Ferrera at Paola Lenti



Moon light by Davide Groppi

Once again, Davide Groppi’s lights are a key part of the Paola Lenti 2018 project at the ex-factory in Via Orobia.

They are lights that allow you to see, but also to feel;  to feel the space, the materials, the colours and the emotions.

Moon is a suspension lamp designed by Davide Groppi.

Moon was born from a dream … the idea of bringing the moon home. Italian company Davide Groppi decorative and architectural products are simple in form, sleek, and harmonize with modern architecture. Their philosophy is ‘to design and create fine forms to house and emit the essence of light

paola lenti designer Francesco Rota



Lanterna Lamp by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Lanterna has been designed and made to bring a cosy ambience to outdoor living spaces.

The exposed curve of the metal rod structure at the top of the lamp forms an intuitive handle, indicating portability.

It is a rechargeable lamp with a lampshade made from specially-developed, UV-stable thread.

The open weave style, typical of Paola Lenti’s research, describes the lamp’s form delicately yet clearly.



Paola Lenti – Materials Reference Library and workroom



Sciara tables designed by Marella Ferrera & Glow wall tiles designed by Paola lenti & De Castelli

The aluminium-steel inlays of the  Glow wall tiles are iridescent, which is a mosaic-wall made of hundreds of misaligned tesselated tiles


Sciara is a series of tables available in different dimensions and decorations of the top made by hand by Nerosicilia.

The material, the particular handwork and the production technique lead to colour and design differences even in the same lot of tops.

The particular délabré finish of the bases is made by De Castelli on an exclusivity basis.

Volcanic basalt, the volcanic magma which, once solidified, is traditionally called “sciara” in Sicily.

Lava is resistant, long-lasting and does not require particular care.

With creativity and knowledge, Paola Lenti and Nerosicilia have paired different materials together, in an experimental encounter that has enhanced the surface of this stone with colour and life, fluidity and transparency, with a thin, natural craquelé effect.

With little squared tiles, which necessarily are never equal to one another, coloured chessboards are created, each time different, in a play of plenums and voids, as if they were cords and fabrics.



Toku, design by Vincent Van Duysen

Toku is a shading structure made of cedar heartwood treated with a transparent impregnating product, which makes it suited to an outdoor use also in harsh weather conditions.

The structure features four panels, two are fixed and two have adjustable backrests. They can be moved and arranged according to one’s needs.

The panels are padded and covered with Wara, the new signature outdoor fabric with the colours and the appearance of straw; comfort can be enhanced by using soft pads covered with fabric.

The top covering is fixed in the central part and vertically adjustable on the four sides thanks to sliding elements inserted into the structure; it is made of Thuia fabric.



Origami designed by Paola Lenti and Nerosicilia

As previously occurred in the project of the Sciara tables, the companies Paola Lenti and Nerosicilia have joined once again their specific and specific knowledge to create something exclusive.

In this case, the creative approach of Paola Lenti has been applied to a material that Nerosicilia has created specifically to obtain the envisioned result.

The two companies have used slabs of lava stone as a prime element, respecting the natural and diverse finish to produce Origami, a flooring with an intrinsic decorative power, deriving from the special finishing processes that makes each slab different from another.



Portofino chair and table by Vincent van Duysen

Folding chair with armrests and armchair. Portofino also includes a stool, deck chair, XL deck chair, armchair and sofa.

Large dining tables and coffee table with stone tops complete this series.



Lio coffee table design by CRS Paola Lenti

Stainless steel base in a Délabré finish.

Top available in Venice, a new Paola Lenti’s material for the outdoor.



Shoji Light by Davide Groppi

The Shoji series of floor lamps made by sewing a semi-transparent polyester cord resistant to atmospheric agents.

Base: black varnished stainless steel. Cover: Removable, in polyester cord.



Giravolta, design Francesco Rota

This original system used to divide and protect outdoor spaces consists of a bearing structure in gloss-varnished stainless steel and a series of rotating panels arranged according to a geometric sequence.

The panels are made of Diade, the new Paola Lenti signature  plastic material, recyclable and available in several colours, which is made unique by the addition of Twiggy, a high tech yarn for the exteriors conceived and produced exclusively by Paola Lenti.

The screen can be composed of modules in the same dimension, or be personalized using the different dimensions available in the collections.

The Giravolta screen is conceived to be fixed on the ground.



Amable easy chair design Victor Carrasco

The Amable easy chair was released in 2017

This collection has now been extended to inclde a stackable dining arm chair (see earlier in this story )



Oasi, design Francesco Rota

Oasi is a new seating system for the outdoor composed of a base element, which can be configured differently when completed with back and armrests.

The seat structure is made of stainless steel and is provided with elastic belts and a cushion in differentiated polyester, thus fully recyclable.

This basic element can be combined with varnished aluminium backrest and armrests with different inclination and completed with cushions.

The outer side of the back and armrests and the structural visible shell is covered by Diade panels.

Diade is the new Paola Lenti signature molded plastic material, recyclable and available in several colours.

Cushions upholstery is removable and available in the outdoor fabrics in the collection.



Diade, design CRS Paola Lenti

Diade is a special moulded plastic material, completely recyclable and available in several colours, made unique by the addition of Twiggy, a high tech yarn designed and produced exclusively by Paola Lenti.

The yarn designs the moulded surfaces differently, depending on the colour and the kind of weave used, giving Diade surfaces an amazing textile appearance.



Lido, design Francesco Rota

Lido is a collection of innovative outdoor furniture composed of chair, armchair, sun bed and table, specifically conceived for a use in public areas and in contract projects.

The bearing structures are made of varnished stainless steel in gloss white colour.

The seat areas, the backrests and the parts composing the sun bed are made of Diade, the new Paola Lenti signature molded plastic material, recyclable and available in several colours.

All pieces in the collection are stackable; the sun bed is provided with wheels and with adjustable backrest.



Giro tables

Tables with the top fixed or adjustable in height. The series Giro also includes side tables.

Structure: varnished aluminium varnished in avorio, grafite or wengé colour.  Base: varnished stainless steel; plastic spacers.

Top: rotating or fixed, in lightened concrete in avorio, grafite or wengé colour, in Accoya ® wood, in glazed lava stone, in Venice or stainless steel available gloss varnished in avorio or grafite colour, matching the structure.



Infinito Light by Davide Groppi

The Infinito used here at Paola Lenti in a 20mtr single span run – is an 18mm wide stainless steel tape providing a diffused and dimmable light from wall to wall or ceiling to floor.

This new concept of lighting dematerialises the object to leave the emphasis on the light and its surrounding rather than the lamp itself.

The tape can be spliced to the required length.




Icons – Presentation cubes – featuring classic products from Paola Lenti

               All products shown are for use Outdoors or Indoors



Vichy wall and floor covering designed by Paola Lenti & Cleaf

Vichy is a collection of decorative papers designed by Paola Lenti and Cleaf to create exclusive faced and laminated panels.

The two-colour pattern of Vichy recalls the classic fabric of French origin, which, in the collective imagination is a composition of white and blue little squares. Paola Lenti with its experience in the study and selection of colours, a dominant element of its design, and Cleaf, with its advanced production expertise, have reinterpreted and revived the traditional appearance of this fabric.

The result of this synergy is a collection of decorative papers featured by the super-imposition of pastel colours, in the tones of green, yellow, pink and turquoise, where the relation between full and empty give the surfaces a dynamic and vibrant “textile” rhythm.

Vichy papers can be used on furniture as well as in vertical and horizontal applications to decorate living spaces.

Shown above are the following icons from previously released Paola Lenti collections  –  Otto armchair, Otto pouf, Crochet rug and the Calatini side table

Shown here is the Frame chair, Frame pouf, Giro table,  Plump blanket and the Navajo rug

Shown here are the Shito arm chair, Smile pouf, Ivy side table, rug tba

Shown below is the Wave chaise, Spimg pouf, Bloom side table and Spring outdoor rug

Spring, design Marella Ferrera

Spring outdoor rugs are embroidered by hand on a backing in Kimia fabric.

The several designs are inspired by natural elements and are made with flat Rope cords, in either solid colours or two-colour combinations.

Spring rugs combine with the poufs in the same materials and with the same decorations, available in different dimensions



Orbitry, design Victor Carrasco

The seating Orbitry consist of a stainless steel structure, which is hand woven with a flat one or two-colour braid in Rope yarn.

The seating cushion is made of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber, upholstery cover is removable and available in the outdoor fabrics in the collection.

The series Orbitry includes a wide armchair, swiveling on its own axis, and a suspended seat, provided with multi-wire cables in stainless steel covered with a Rope braid



Perigal Flooring by Paola Lenti & Listone Giordano

The modular Perigal flooring is the result of the fruitful encounter between the broad and consolidated expertise of Listone Giordano in the domain of wood design and the unmistakable style of Paola Lenti.

Perigal is an original wooden floor composed according to a well-known mathematical theorem, dating from the 19th century, on the decomposition of squares.

Perigal has a Mano Opaca finishing, an exclusive technique that lets the natural veins of material show through.



Sciara ” big wall tiles”  designed by Marella Ferrea

Shown here are the Nesso dining table, Kiti dining chairs (with special weave by Paola Lenti )



Jali, design CRS Paola Lenti

Jali combines traditional techniques with a strong contemporary appearance; it is woven by hand with a high performing technical yarn and is available in a wide range of colour hues.

First introduced in 2017, today Jali is produced also in Twitape, a new signature material conceived and developed by Paola Lenti

Shown here are the Sabi outdoor sofa, Baia armchair, Sciara coffee table and Lever side tables

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