WonderGlass @ Salone Milan 2018

WonderGlass @ Salone Milan 2018

WonderGlass unveiled a shimmering universe of glass named ‘Kosmos’ for its Milan Salone presentation, with new collections from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Fornasetti as well as WonderLab’s collaborations with Dan Yeffet and studiopluz.

Hosted at the iconic Istituto dei Ciechi, ‘Kosmos’ demonstrated the extent of WonderGlass’ creativity and craftsmanship. The  innovative element of glass as well as its architectural capabilities. Bound by an ethereal soundscape and kaleidoscopic floor referencing refracted glass, Kosmos transports the visitor to a glittering world.

Alcova by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Designed by the internationally renowned French duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, “Alcova”, is a collection of handcrafted geometric objects that can sit alone or be grouped to create intimate landscapes.




“The Alcova collection is a series of coloured cast glass geometrical shapes that are organically composed. We approached this project in a brutal and primary way, working with the thickness of the material and letting the process guide us, seeking to preserve all the magic of the ballet of molten glass manipulated by master glassmakers.”…………………….  Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec 


The Bourallec Brothers with Christian Mussati in Murano



Through the Clouds, Fornasetti

“Through the Clouds”, designed by iconic Italian decorative Atelier Fornasetti for WonderGlass, takes inspiration from a daydream. Set within a custom designed brass faceted pavilion within the Istituto dei Ciechi, delicate glass clouds floats above the viewer, suggesting a different point of view.

Obelisks protrude from the clouds, a nod to the ancient Egyptians who worshiped the obelisk as a symbol of ‘Ra’ the sun god, creator and giver of all life.

Produced by hand, “Through the Clouds” blends printed and lacquered metal with blown glass; the whimsical design and fine nature of the work awakening the love of glass that has been embedded within the Fornasetti DNA since the 1940s, and demonstrating both Fornasetti and WonderGlass’ artisanal approach, and dedication to craftsmanship.


Prism, Dan Yeffet

WonderGlass’ laboratory of innovation and technology demonstrates creativity and craftsmanship with a selection of architectural glass innovations including floor mosaics and a series of geometric furniture pieces including an iridescent, malleable cast glass bench by adventurous Israeli designer Dan Yeffet.


Echo, studiopluz

Inspired by the origins of the universe, “Echo” by studiopluz is an illuminated sculpture reminiscent of an ancestral melody comprised of a series of glass disks fusing glass with senses to produce a stimulating sound scape, evocative of the gravitational waves coming from black holes.


Horah, Raw Edges

In addition to Kosmos, WonderGlass has developed, crafted and engineered a mechanical dancing light for the latest exhibition at Milan’s Spazio Krizia. Designed by Raw Edges for this solo spectacle, “Horah” reflects on the theme of light in dialog with one of the essential aspects of contemporary living: sociability.

Inspired by Horah, the Israeli dance, the London-based design duo will be exploring an ongoing theme of repetition with a lighting installation that is imbued with an essential quality in the dance: conviviality.


Kaleidoscope by WonderGlass 

A beautiful range of glass tiles available for use across a number of applications,  this explores the innovative element of glass as well as its architectural capabilities.



About WonderGlass

WonderGlass bonds traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, providing tailor-made solutions to the worlds of architecture, art and fashion.

Founded in 2013, Christian and Maurizio Mussati built their brand through bespoke glass lighting and installations handcrafted in Murano, working with global designers including Nao Tamura, Marcel Wanders, Zaha Hadid, Hideki Yoshimoto, Dan Yeffet, John Pawson and Jaime Hayon.

Now working with their team of WonderLab artisans in the Venetian region, WonderGlass offers architects, artists, developers, hotel designers and museums the opportunity to incorporate artisanal creations into projects of any scale. Collaborators include Richard Meier and WOHA architects. Recent installations include the lobby of Herzog & de Meuron’s Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.


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