Masterly – The Dutch in Milan @ Salone Milan 2018

Masterly – The Dutch in Milan @ Salone Milan 2018

Masterly – The Dutch in Milano is an annual gathering of Dutch designers, artisan producers and design agencies at the fascinating Palazzo Turati, this event provides a one-of-a-kind stage drawing an increasing number of visitors every year.



The Dutch pavilion showed for the third year; with the best design and artisan craftsmanship the Netherlands has to offer, with the sole aim of facing worldwide challenges like contemporary social issues, environmental problems and advanced technology, and showcasing cutting-edge projects inspired to Dutch art, cultural traditions and craftsmanship.

Arranged along 3 of the historic rooms of Palazzo Turati, the exhibition that brings the visitor to an imaginary 5-star hotel, curated by interior designer Edward van Vliet, using entirely Dutch suppliers.

The experience comes to life from a lobby area to a bedroom, from a large bathroom to a walk-in closet.

The installation is furnished with products from various companies, including furniture by Leolux, BN wallpapers, JEE-O for bathroom furniture and Gardelux for the partition walls.

The new participants include  well-renowned Dutch designers, Frank Tjepkema and Osiris Hertman, along with the Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam that will represent the works of many local artists.

Alongside the hotel installation were a selection of makers including Carina Riezebos, alongside Dutch classic ceramicists Royal Delft who used fascinating Augmented Reality in their presentation, truly modernising a classic product.

Unique glass pieces by  Carina Riezebos

‘Augmented Blueware’ brings Royal Delft heritage from 1653 into the 21st century.

An innovative, state-of-art process takes off the specific decoration of a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase and transfers it to tableware with the same unique design.

Artist Sandra de Groot  from Atelier Chaos created intricate Macrame works that were also displayed at Rosanna Orlandi’s gallery during Milan Salone 2018.




It is no coincidence that the event, conceived and curated by Nicole Uniquole, has become, now in its third year, a platform for cultural exchanges and a catalyst for the career paths of its exhibitors.

A proof of this is just one example: the bracelet book of designers Duinker & Dochters discovered during the last edition by Cooper Hewitt, which has become part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York.

This event continues to grow year on year as an incubator of talent direct from the Netherlands, looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings.

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