Paola Lenti – Indoor @ Salone Milan 2018

Paola Lenti – Indoor @ Salone Milan 2018

During the 2018 Milan Design Week Paola Lenti again presented her latest indoor and outdoor collections in the fascinating and under the radar industrial location at via Orobia 15  ( only a hundred metres from the Prada Fondazione )

In this idyllic setting Paola Lenti presented her exhibition “ Elementi ”  ( Elements )

Paola Lenti created an array of various environments within the old factory space, all standing out as if they were theatrical scenarios. It was easy to get lost in the large furnished spaces, amazed and enchanted by so much beauty.

paola lenti


Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial design oriented to experimentation and research; this path has led to Paola Lenti becoming one of the Landmarks in the International design sector over the years.

All this without forgetting the past, which was revisited this year, in new and bold shapes and colors, with materials sought in their simplicity.

The furniture, in its essential form, recalls moments already lived, offers an immediate feeling of home, quiet and joy at the same time, of complicity with people close, as we were visiting friends, amazed at what we see

The 2018 collection was slightly more subdued than previous years.

The Colours were toned down compared to recent years Salone presentations, with less bright shades and dirty pastels, and more cotton candy colours, plus bold, deep tones mixed with glossy ceramics and burnt metallics.





In Plato, the word Elements, from the Greek term stoicheîa, signifies the letters of the alphabet, that is to say the prime elements of each word.

The term in the singular is stoichêion, in the sense of principle, beginning and minimal components.

It is indeed from such an elementary principle, an imperceptible source to the most distinct sparkle that the creative path of Paola Lenti starts: a passage, which offers to the elements a primitive vibration, a vital impulse that recompose minimum fragments to transform them in inimitable objects, completed forms, weaves and colour.

This creative sparkle, carrying in itself the desire to reach perfection, is the driving force, which is able to enhance the elements with new colour hues and unprecedented significance, to conceive unusual relations between high tech materials and skilled handicraft, to create weaves that open to a new sensorial universe radiating bright, luminous colours.

The creative energy of Paola Lenti gives life to prime elements, letters of an imaginary alphabet, where words become real objects, original furnishing pieces, unique weaves, which enhance living spaces with rhythm, style, and balance.

The ongoing search for beauty through its many expressions is revealed above all by the careful choice of materials that Paola Lenti proposes in new shades and unusual combinations, thanks to an intense dialogue with the world of technological research, an exchange of experiences, which are not only aesthetic, but also respectful of the environment and the nature.

The close and prolific relationship between the technology of materials and the most refined artisanship is one of the constants of the Paola Lenti collections.

A process that is both a challenge and a tension towards perfection: features that have been instrumental in establishing the company as a reference point in the multiform universe of contemporary furniture. ” …………………………… Paola Lenti


Paola Lenti being interviewed on opening day of the Salone


These fragments of natural elements, pieces of stones, fossils, wood splinters, things martyrized by the elements, picked up on the shoreline, […], which express physical laws, wear, erosion, blast, etc., not only have sculptural qualities, but also an extraordinary poetic potential ”……….. Le Corbusier


Davide Groppi’s simbiosi light installation at Paola Lenti reception for the Salone




Paola Lenti Shared Projects 2018

Elementi is the event organized by Paola Lenti for the Fuorisalone 2018, but it is also the common denominator of the creative interplays and intertwining, which originated through the cooperation of the company with other important industrial entities.

The tangible results of this work, aimed to design a new global vision of living spaces, is the inception of a common language, where elements like glass and stone, metal and wood dialogue together in a skillful play, the synthesis of the unique perception of space and colour that has always been the heritage of Paola Lenti.



2018 Paola Lenti – Indoor Collection


The Agio modular sofa was placed in a dramatic setting in front of a wall of ceramic pots and tubes (which are available to order from Paola lenti in 2018)

The Agio sofa composed of large platforms with backrests which can be can be flattened or adjusted both vertically and horizontally by means of a mechanism hidden into the padding.

The series is completed by a side table with padded and upholstered structure and wooden top finished Mano Opaca.



Adele armchair designed by Francesco Rota

A new swiveling and tilting armchair is added to the Adele chair, first introduced in 2017.

Its essential, modern and yet classic design is ideal for both residential and contract projects.

The base is made of steel and wood, this last finished by hand in Mano Opaca, a transparent oil-based varnishing, which let the wood’s natural veins show through. The structure is made of molded plastic material with a padding in polyurethane and polyester fiber. The upholstery cover is fixed and available in Paola Lenti’s signature indoor fabrics.



Loto modular screen designed by Francesco Rota

Loto is a modular screen for the indoors conceived to divide spaces, yet spreading lightness and transparency.

The steel structure can be varnished in gloss avorio colour or finished Deep Blue, a special dark blue oxidation.

The elements composing the structure are decorated with a hand weave made of Rope cords or with Mithril, a flexible steel knit.

The finishing of both the structure and the steel knit are made by De Castelli on an exclusivity basis.

The screen modules can be joined by means of elements in white or black marble, matching the colour of the structure, which also serve as bases.

Atollo sofa padded with 100% recyclable material.

Structure: spruce heartwood and multilayer wood, seat provided with elastic belts.

Bases: steel, white or black lacquered or Ornué finished, a special hand-brushed finishing made by De Castelli on an exclusivity basis.

Padding: made of differentiated polyester, 100% recyclable, foam covering in polyester fiber and polyamide.

Upholstery: removable cover available in all the fabrics in the collection.

Davide Groppi cathode lights used above Nesso dining table with Adele dining chairs in grey material



Tapio seating by Francesco Rota

Tapio indoor seating are composed of two different elements, which blend through a wide choice of combinations of fabrics, colours and finishing.

The bearing structure is made of ash heartwood and is finished by hand in Mano Opaca, a transparent oil-based varnishing, which let the wood’s natural veins show through.

The padding of the generous seating cushions consists of polyurethane and polyester fibre. The cushions hide a steel structure complete of elastic belts, which provide for the highest comfort. Tapio upholstery cover is removable and available in Paola Lenti’s signature indoor fabrics.

Loto stand alone screen using stainless steel cord



Passepartout side tables designed by Francesco Rota

Passepartout tables with Move sofas

Passepartout are a series of side table with removable round top, which also serve as a tray.

The tray is composed of an aluminium support surface covered with a layer of wood, which is finished by hand in Mano Opaca, a transparent oil-based varnishing, which let the wood’s natural veins show through.

The edges are matt varnished in colours matching the base which is in varnished stainless steel.

agio sofa


The astonishing sartorial expertise of Ramino, a simple curtain, which can become an architectural partition, composed of lightly oxidized copper wire-balls.

Nesso dining table

Build is a system of modular panels conceived to divide and equip interior spaces.

The panels are covered with fabric; they can be fixed to the wall or tensioned between the floor and the ceiling; they can become freestanding compositions or create furniture pieces, structured as real architectures.

The system elements can be complemented with shelves and cabinets.

Silent Bed consisting of a bed frame, which is padded and upholstered on three sides, combined with a hand woven headboard.



Aegonos by Paola lenti & Galleria Elena

Paola Lenti and Galleria Elena have chosen Venice to produce Aegonos.

Venice is the modern interpretation of an ancient and natural material, featured by a light irregularity of the surfaces and by the variability of colour.

The two companies have enhanced its beauty through working techniques, which allow for the creation of inimitable pieces.

This way Aegonos comes to life, a flooring composed of handmade diamond-shaped tiles, each one different from the others, which are proposed in numberless tones of blue giving rhythm to the different compositions.

Cove sofa


Sciara side and coffee tables


Cafe table with top in Luce designed by CRS Paola Lenti

Ami dining chairs

The cooperation with De Castelli started in 2017 with Tela, a flexible and malleable fabric ideal to cover boiserie and architectural structures, and with the unprecedented and intense chromatic effects decorating the top of the Nesso side table.

Today, the synergy between the two companies, that love sharing their respective knowledge to create common and unconventional research opportunities, has led to new ideas, this time dedicated to the grammar of iridescence.



Ebanys rug designed by Paola Lenti & Listone Giordano

The modular rug Ebanys is the result of the fruitful encounter between the broad and consolidated expertise of Listone Giordano in the domain of wood design and the unmistakable style of Paola Lenti.

Ebanys is an unprecedented indoor rug composed of large padded squares covered with a thin yet resistant layer of inlaid wood. Wood becomes velvety as a fabric, changing its traditional appearance into a new substance.

Ebanys has a Mano Opaca finishing, an exclusive technique that lets the natural veins of material show through.



Shang Rug designed by CRS Paola Lenti

The Shang rug has been refreshed into a hexagonal shape

Elsie chairs with armrests, removable upholstery cover and wooden legs are featured around the rug.



Uptown modular sofa designed by Francesco Rota

The Uptown sofa series was recently awarded the RED DOT AWARD Best of the Best 2017.

Uptown is a series of sectional seating composed of elements with armrest, chaise lounge, left and right asymmetrical elements and pouf.

Structure: steel, plastic spacers.

Padding: cold injected, stress resistant polyurethane.

Foam covering: fixed, in polyester fiber and polyamide.

Upholstery: available in a selection of fabrics in the collection.

The series is completed with loose cushions with shape and dimension specifically designed to enhance seating comfort.

Abri screens are a series of linear and corner panels, conceived to create intimate and sheltered spaces.

The panels are available in two heights and can be combined with each other.

Upholstered in Paola Lenti’s Thuia fabric..



Exit Through the Gift Shop – Paola Lenti Style

A curious exit with rows of balls of Paola Lenti innovative materials, as if they were the curtains from shops of the past,

A fun and quirky instagram hotspot at Salone 2018



Paola Lenti Materials, Textures and Finishes for 2018  –  bellissima Paola  !!


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