Life in Vogue @ Salone Milan 2018

Life in Vogue @ Salone Milan 2018

Fashion Bible, Vogue Italia has partnered with eight influential furniture and interior designers to transform the title’s offices during Milan Salone for the ‘Life in Vogue’ project.  The project saw editorial staff rooms transformed into the stuff of design dreams—with brand new furniture, overhauled lighting and themed spaces.

Designers handpicked for the project include established names Mario Bellini, Patricia Urquiola and design duo Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel —  alongside young talents — including Muller Van Severen, Sabine MarcelisMichael Bargo, and David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung of Quincoces-Dragò — to each redesign various spaces around the offices, while English designer Faye Toogood has reimagined editor Emanuele Farneti’s office.

Faye Toogood’s Editor’s office 

Designer Faye Toogood took charge of the heart of the office, the editor-in-chief’s office.

Equipped with furniture from her own Roly-Poly collection, Toogood utilised wallpaper to make a statement, all with a decidedly rounded aesthetic and offset in bright, natural colourways—perfect for the impending Milanese summer.


Patricia Urquiola’s Current Affair’s Office 

Designing two spaces was Patricia Urquiola, who transformed the current affairs’ editor’s offices.

The world-renowned designer, who is best known for her collaborative approach to design and art, took colour and material to the next level, introducing two linked rooms with a focus on bold, statement-making pieces—to get that creativity flowing, naturally.


“Two temperaments, two narrations. Two rooms set up in a sort of juxtaposition and continuity,”………………… Urquiola



Quincoces-Dragò’s  Meeting Room

Drawing on international influences but outfitting the room with local products from Italian designers, the office space is an ode to all things Milan.

A nod to the futuristic nature of contemporary design (note the clean lines) but a tribute to all things natural and past, the meeting room is finished in a tonal navy colour scheme.


Muller Van Severen Talent office 

Flemish designers Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen were allocated the ‘ VogueTalents’ office space, transforming it into a collaborative, user-friendly room meant for creative thought.

Removing clutter, the duo created a collage-inspired room “connected like in a 3D painting.” Including a three-function workspace (designed to work, read or store) and their Wire s#9 piece that doubles as library and nap area, the designers managed to wrangle the creativity of Vogue with the functionality of a creative space.


Sabine Marcelis’ Creative Director’s office 

For the creative director’s office, Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis was tasked with the job of overhauling and refitting the room that brings the magazine to life.

Using the concept of old and new trends, Marcelis chose to install a Vogue curtain to divide the room: a visual representation of before and after.


Michael Bargo’s Beauty Room 

For the magazine’s beauty room, New York-based art dealer Michael Bargo drew on cosmetics from the late 1960s and 1970s for inspiration. With white walls and bordeaux carpet is very typical of the time. The furniture in the room includes a combination of pieces from that period, as well as those of European heritage.

Complete with vintage advertising campaigns and products, the room is an ode to the beauty industry of the past.

‘Life in Vogue’ ran for four days and was also to celebrate the re-launch of the popular Vogue Casa supplement.

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