Park Life by Jasper Morrison for Kettal @ Salone Milan 2012

Park Life is the first collection of outdoor furniture by British designer Jasper Morrison for Spanish brand Kettal. It comprises chairs, chaise lounge, table and small table, easy chair and sofa, pillows.

“ Park Life is light, but extremely resistant. It is easily transportable or for winter storage. The technical refinement in respect of ergonomic criteria, external usage, structural and visual appeal.”

After four and a half years designing this collection Jasper Morrison ( famous for his super-normal approach ) has designed the collection using very pared down minimalistic linear features. Park Life is a complete family of furnishings whose profile is very delineated and adaptable to a wide range of various applications.

click here for park life making video

“ The design process too a considerable time to complete due to research required to be done to discover the correct standards codes for pieces from exteriors and make sure the products complied. It has been an interesting process and we have had to carry out several prototypes in order to arrive to this point, but the monumental task has been justified by the beautiful results” … Jasper Morrison

Situated in the heart of the Brera District Design is the Salone showroom of Kettal, the Spanish brand dedicated to outdoor furniture. The gallery space was only recently re-modelled and is luminous and welcoming.

The Design Brief

Kettal has been designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture for 47 years.

We had been thinking for some years with the idea of producing a collection that would sum up our history as a brand in a single collection. And who better than Jasper Morrison to bring the idea to life?

Together we looked at the historical codes that characterise garden furniture.

Then we set out the technical and functional specifications that we require as a brand and gave him access to all of our know-how.

Jasper did the rest.

The result is a range that encapsulates the history of garden furniture in a way that is both contemporary and lasting, with no other pretensions than to fulfill its function in a way that is both discreet and good-looking.

It is simply outdoor furniture.

Kettal confirms once again its international focus on design through innovative materials, fabrication techniques, colors and development

Kettal boasts a strong repertoire of contemporary outdoor collections realised by Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerius, Emiliana Design Study, and now Jasper Morrison.

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