Milan Salone 2010 – Radostar, wall tattooist & Jasper Morrison

Ask Wappling painting a “Wall Tattoo ”

Radostar is partnering with Zona Tortona in 2010 for the third consecutive year. A stunning exhibition will be held in Magna Pars at the Salone del Mobile/Zona Tortona, along with design workshops and an exclusive Jasper Morrison lounge to complete the design world.


Make your own impression –  Thilo Brunner invited our guests to play with light and shadow.

In a stunning material exhibition at Magna Pars, the iconic watch brand exclusively reveals the production process of high-tech ceramics. Rado pioneered the use of this innovative material and is proud to present its different forms – in the shape of its latest timepieces made from high-tech ceramics.

In this unique exhibition Rado presents its latest addition to the award-winning collection r5.5: the r5.5 Automatic designed by Jasper Morrison who will proudly attend its presentation at Zona Tortona.

Moreover, Jasper Morrison is already working on a new project for Rado, to be revealed in 2011 – and no doubt it will once again bear the signature style of the British designer. Pure. Functional. Instinctive.

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