Salone Milan 2010 – Real Time Analog Clock

Every year in Milan, Maarten Baas surprises and confuses the design audience, by coming up with unpredictable concepts, which often shake up the fixed borders of design. Baas is known for his handmade limited pieces, mostly made for museums and private collectors.

This year he has developed his “Analog Digital Clock” shown in Milan 2009 into a one dollar iPhone app.

A museum piece as a mass product: again an unexpected twist in Baas’ eclectic range of works. “I always make works without any concessions on the quality and authenticity, therefore they often are high-end unique works. The Analog Digital Clock as an iPhone app, is exactly how it should be, yet this product only needs to cost one dollar.”



Via Massimiano 25

Ventura Lambrate.


From 3:59 to 4.00 ………………….

Baas’ Real Time collection is a concept in which actors are being filmed for 12 hours while they are indicating the time. The film functions as a clock, yet it’s often described as video-art. The Analog Digital Clock that is part of this collection, is a re-reading of the old-school alarm clock, yet every minute an actor is changing the numbers manually. This clock is now available for the iPhone. Instead of a presentation space, Baas rented a private apartment for a week, where he shows the app

For his Real Time Project, Dutch designer Maarten Baas became a film director. Thanks to new technologies in video, it’s possible to produce videos of 12- or even 24 hours in length. This makes it possible to film a movie that can function as a clock. Maarten Baas created a clock collection by using the language of cinema. The passing of the time is shown by people who are shot and screened in a true interval of 12 or 24 hours.

For the Analog Digital – the LED lights are managed by someone who either paints them to make them dark, or wipes them clean to have the red light shine through.

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