Our Touch of Life by ASUS @ Salone Milan 2014

Our Touch of Life by ASUS @ Salone Milan 2014

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ASUS, the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor and the maker of the world’s best-selling motherboards, presented again in 2014 at the Salone del Mobile.

The “Our Touch of Life” theme focused on ASUS’s design philosophy of creating truly personal products that connect emotionally with the user to produce memorable experiences.

The exhibition featured a stunning creative installation by ASUS Design Center and a product gallery with a wide range of ASUS products on display – including the world premiere preview of the soon to be released Zenbook NX 500.

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Visitors were invited to interact with the installation and products, and experience first hand how ASUS creations embody humanity, beauty and functionality.

Designs must be adaptive, pure and expressive.

A design is adaptive when it is intuitive to use, has purposeful features and echoes natural forms; pure when it has a simple form composed of precise lines and smooth surfaces; and expressive when it incorporates captivating details and provides a premium user experience.

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The dynamic “Moments of Life” installation echoed the exhibition’s themed circle icon, and featured three large, hanging disc-shaped sculptures.

Each disc was composed of many concentric circles, able to move freely on a central axis, giving each sculpture the ability to become a three-dimensional shape.

The sculptures were reflective and had lighting effects projected on them to create a captivating, constantly changing display unique to each visitor.


With their dynamics surfaces and engaging projections, “Moments of Life” recalled the beauty of everyday life.

When visitors stood on the marked circles on the floor, the moving concentric rings would line up to create a solid surface and a memory projection was then presented onto the disc


ASUS designers chose the circle as the exhibition icon because it echoes the ASUS design philosophy of being adaptive, pure and expressive.

As one of the most basic shapes in nature, it is universal and represents ultimate simplicity. It is also suggestive of the shape of the human face, implying warmth and friendliness.

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The circle is an expressive design element found in many leading ASUS products such as the circle design on the brushed metallic finish of Zenbook NX500 and the concentric circle faceplate detail on ZenFone.

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After viewing the installation, visitors to the exhibition enjoyed hands-on experiences with ASUS devices in the product gallery and saw for themselves how ASUS designs are inspired by life and touched by the incredible.

Interactive projections highlighted the products and described their features in a rich and engaging way.

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Products on display included smartphones such as ZenFone, 2-in-1 Concept devices including PadFone mini and Transformer Book T100, Ultra Mobility devices such as the Zenbook UX301 Ultrabook™, and ‘Desktop Evolution’ devices featuring All-in-One PC ET2321 and VivoMouse.



Construction Preparations

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The installations were designed and built by Asus Design Center, utilizing the wide range of functions in ASUS in-house design team.

The team worked to form a captivating and evolving experience that is unique to each visitor.

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day 1


day 2


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ASUS tortona district marketing projections


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