Milan’s Porta Volta Rejuvenation – by Herzog & de Meuron

Milan’s Porta Volta Rejuvenation – by Herzog & de Meuron

The new Herzog & de Meuron project for the Feltrinelli foundation will renew the entire Porta Volta area in the center of Milan. A linear “Gothic” design enhancing the Milanese historic architectural tradition and the memory of Aldo Rossi’s architecture with a tranparent and green project

The design of the structure is composed of two twin buildings located at Porta Volta.  The redevelopment plan also provides for the creation of large green spaces, with boulevards, bike paths and walking trails, along with service functions including a library, a cafeteria, a restaurant and other commercial activities.

The long-limbed form, linear building – said Jacques herzog – refers, first, to the gothic tradition that is expressed in important buildings in the city of milan on the other to farms that dot the landscape of slender lombardy. Our old master aldo rossi considered these linear structures the characteristic feature of his work, because in our project for Port Feltrinelli.  Sometimes you can find also a tribute to this important milanese architect of the second half of the twentieth century.’

The building is expected to be complete by 2013.

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