Milan – Palazzo Reale 2009 “sound & light show”

Castagna Ravelli Studio, founded in 1996, is formed by Paolo Castagna, a theater director, and Gianni Ravelli, an architect, set designer and professor of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.

The studio works on sets for lighting, theater and events, mixing languages in a spectacular way.

Their most important lighting projects, since 2002, include: lighting for the opening of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, the Palazzo della Triennale and Castello Sforzesco in Milan on the occasion of international prizes; for Piazza Duomo, for five historic gates of Milan and for the European headquarters of McArthur-Glen; the light festival in Piazza della Scala for the FuoriSalone® of Interni and the installation at Porta Nuova in 2006 (Interni, “Heavylight”, 2006); the graphic happening with projections at the Museo di Castelvecchio, in Verona, for the opening of “Abitare il tempo”. In 2007: artistic and video installations at Piazza della Scala and Castello Sforzesco in Milan (Interni, “Decode Elements”, 2007), on the monumental complex of the Priamar in Savona, in the garden and on the facade of the Museo Maffeiano in Verona; seven urban installations in Savona for the event “Città di Luce”.

In the field of theater directing and set design, since 1997: performances in historical buildings in Milan; “Le cinesi” by Gluck at Spoleto; “Il sogno della libertà”, at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan; “Il colore delle note”, at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan. In 2007: “Mondadori 100 anni”, performance for the centennial of the publishing house, in the Corte Ducale of Castello Sforzesco in Milan; “Il segreto di Susanna”, by Ermanno Wolf Ferrari, at the Priamàr Fort in Savona and at the Festival of Baveno; “La voce rapita”, musical by Carlo Chiddemi at Teatro Chiabrera of Savona.

Castagna Ravelli Studio collaborates, for cultural and entertainment events, with the City of Milan and the City of Savona, the Amici della Scala, Pirelli Real Estate, Teatro di Roma and recently, with Teatro alla Scala, Museo Teatrale alla Scala and the Orchestra Sinfonica of Savona. In the sector of fashion and design they work with Mario Buccellati, Gianfranco Ferré and Fontana Arte.

Video courtesy of Ultrafragola Italy

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