Paola Lenti – tappetti / floor coverings

Paola Lenti – tappetti / floor coverings

The company was founded in 1994 by Paola Lenti with headquarters in Italy’s leading furniture district Meda, Milan.

Specializing in rugs and seating furniture for indoor and outdoor environments the Company is today a reference point for textile innovation in the design world. Paola Lenti is best known for her unique line of furniture and rugs crafted from wool felt.

The brand is synonymous with extensive research and development into materials and processes adopted for their originality, beauty and practicality.

Characterized by simple geometrical shapes and bright colors, the pieces are comfortable, informal, and adapt to a broad range of interiors. The choice of special industrial materials is in tune with the search for simple but unprecedented solutions for living styles. Along with practicality, aesthetic and chromatic aspects – Colour is at the heart of all Paola Lenti’s collections.

As far as the colour range is concerned, yarns and fabrics are always dyed exclusively for the company and in the colours created by Paola Lenti. The wool, cotton, felt and synthetic fibres used are available in hundreds of hues.

Production techniques include age-old traditional methods, craftsmanship as well as innovative technological methods, especially conceived to guarantee that each single product has unique aesthetics and functional qualities such as endurance, resistance and non-deformability.

Paola Lenti offers a wide choice of contemporary rugs for indoor and outdoor environments, featured by unique quality of the materials used, production techniques and colours.

Available in several colours, Paola Lenti’s rug are coordinated to the seating furniture collections and can also be produced in custom dimensions.

The Rug collections are categorised into 4 Distinct groupings based upon the method of production and type of materials used.

Felt rug collection

The aesthetic and functional characteristics of Paola Lenti’s signature Felt allow for the production of refined and enduring rugs, which are entirely assembled and finished by hand. The almost tailor-like production, the variety of colours, dimensions and patterns in the collection allow for the creation of unique and one-of-a-kind rugs.

Area rug collection

Paola Lenti’s Area rugs are entirely hand made with wool and silk yarns of the highest quality.

After the yarn is hand tufted to the rug’s weft, the artisan begins the intricate and highly precise process of cutting and shaping with shears in order to create the complex patterns that are the defining aesthetic feature of these rugs. Precious and long lasting, the Area rugs are available in several hues, also in custom dimensions.

Natural rug collection

This eclectic collection includes rugs made with different techniques and materials.

Ropes, braids, tubular knits especially conceived by Paola Lenti can be woven, hand tufted or simply sewn to produce rugs and mats, which are unique for their esthetics, chromatic effects, functionality. Long-lasting and resistant to light and abrasion, the Natural rugs are available in several colours, and can be produced also in custom sizes.

High Tech rug collection

The High Tech rugs are produced with Aquatech or Rope, Paola Lenti’s signature yarns which guarantee excellent performances in the outdoors.

The collection offers a wide range of designs, from simple and sophisticated braided or woven mats to precious hand made rugs, which can satisfy the most demanding requirements. The High Tech rugs are available in several colours, coordinated with the upholstery fabrics of the Paola Lenti’s collection. They can also be produced in custom dimentions.

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