Paola Lenti @ “The Island” on Sydney harbour

Paola Lenti @ “The Island” on Sydney harbour

Dedece together with our special guest Anna Lenti, presented the latest innovative Paola Lenti outdoor collections to an eager group of designers and media on the 28th and 29th, February 2012. Sydney’s floating harbourside bar, The Island, was the perfect location to showcase Paola Lenti‘s gorgeous textured outdoor floor coverings, ottomans, lounges and armchairs in a host of divine colours.

From Paola Lenti website …… “Paola Lenti has always linked her name with that of DeDeCe, well known to the Australian public for their selected offer of the best contemporary design from all over the world. To present the Aqua collection news, DeDeCe has organized this year a special and unique soirée at the exclusive “The Island”, a floating open-air space which fuses the comfort of a VIP-lounge to the possibility to sail on a real private beach in the bay of Sydney.

Considered today as the most premium and revolutionary venue in Australia, The Island has hosted Paola Lenti products in an avant-garde environment which has been anchored for the occasion in the waters of the harbor, offering visitors an unprecedented view on the Opera House and the City skyline.

DeDeCe and Paola Lenti have created a magic atmosphere, setting the products in the collection in an unparalleled surrounding: colours, forms and materials have come to life in the different times of the day, in the sunlight of the Australian summer and in the glow of the sunset reflected into the sea. In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, a unique opportunity was offered to enjoy the beauty of the City and the quality of Paola Lenti outdoor furniture, rugs and accessories.”

The stunning collections offer an array of stunning modular sofas, sun beds, platforms, pouf, armchairs, chairs and tables together with the wide range of High tech rugs, all resistant to water and atmospheric agents. The quality of the materials used make them enduring and easy to maintain; the level of craftsmanship used in production allow for the creation of refined leisure areas for relaxing, not only in the exteriors but also in interior spaces.

Paola Lenti’s furniture and rug collections are seen as a reference point for textile innovation and colour in the design world. Yarns and fabrics are dyed exclusively for the luxury brand, ensuring the colour palettes and textures are unique to the collections. Utilising cutting edge technology, outdoor furniture includes an extensive sofa range, and a collection of colourful rugs designed for outdoor living.

Each piece attributes its originality to the innovative choice of materials. The key is choosing the highest quality yarns: for the traditional fabrics, this means sourcing the best craftsmen or manufacturers in the world; for the new high-tech yarns, experimentation is crucial and may result in production techniques found from outside the standard processes familiar to the design world.

As far as the colour range is concerned, yarns and fabrics are always dyed exclusively for the company and in the colours created by Paola Lenti.

Anna Lenti joined dedece in Sydney for dedece’s Paola Lenti @ “The Island” launch

A recent addition to Sydney Harbour, The Island is Sydney’s most exclusive and premium event space. It is a floating open-air space which fuses European beach club culture and 5-star service with an iconic Australian backdrop. It has redefined Sydney’s event and hospitality landscape, opening up the harbour to local and international guests.

Dedece converted “The Island” for the launch event making the venue an even more desirable, sophisticated and luxurious outdoor entertaining area.

Some photos above used with the kind permission of Nick Cubbins Photography

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