Giant Cubebot at MOST @ Salone Milan 2012

Giant Cubebot at MOST @ Salone Milan 2012

When David Weeks met Quinze & Milan at Salone Milan 2011, they both knew that they had to collaborate to create a marvelous piece that would not only be fun, but can also provide a comfortable and inviting space to relax.

One year later, the Giant Cubebot has debuted at Tom Dixon‘s MOST Salone!. Quinze & Milan and David Weeks’ contribution is bold – a foam object and lounger in the shape of a huge robot called Cubebot.

David Weeks says ” That at twenty times his original size, Cubebot feels like an imposing artifact from an ancient civilization, like the Colossi of Thebes or the Rapa Nui of Easter Island. However, his benevolent face invites interaction and since he’s a functional piece of furniture, feel free to put your feet up and sit a spell.”

The Giant Cubebot not only looks marvelous but it also throws in a splash of geeky, fun and mischievous look to a space.

Areaware, the U.S. manufacturer of the Cubebot toy, will be onsite at MOST with original smaller timber Cubebots for sale.

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