Tom Dixon’s “Digital Industrial Revolution” @ Salone Milan 2012

Tom Dixon’s “Digital Industrial Revolution” @ Salone Milan 2012

Events within the Salone Internazionale del Mobile are usually cloaked in secrecy. Prototypes are unpacked from trucks in the middle of the night and assembled in the dark hours before the fair begins. However Tom Dixon‘s ethos is based around collaboration, generosity and transparency.

By collaborating with the German engineering giant TRUMPF, Tom arranged to bring to MOST for his “Digital Industrial Revolution” the actual industrial machines used in “Stamping” production.

Tom is offering visitors the chance to put their stamp on some instantly manufactured products. Achieving production for instant consumption, industrial manufacturing is put in full view of the public, cutting out any middle men, and passing the finished product, straight off the production line, directly into the hands of the consumer.

The Stamp Lamp starts off as a zinc-coated, steel sheet that is punched and pressed by two sheet-steel machines from industrial manufacturing giant, TRUMPF. The sheet is then folded into a finished pendant by its owner, allowing them to become a part of the design process. Both the Stamp Lamp and Stamp chair are manufactured from galvanized mild steel, 1 millimeter thick.

The stack of exclusively designed, zinc-coated, steel lamps and chairs will grow throughout the week as they are punched and bent into shape in readiness to be given away to visitors on a first come, first served basis ( and five exclusive prototype chairs given to 5 lucky winners of Golden Tickets which are hidden at random inside 5 of the 400 lights )

The Great Tom Dixon Stamp giveaway starts at 2pm on Saturday, the 21st of April ( stay tuned )

Spring Table pop up restaurant at MOST

The Tom Dixon prototype Stamp Chairs ( reminiscent of the hood for the legendary Citroën 2CV automobile ) are formed from heavy duty zinc-coated steel and held together with 86 rivets giving it a distinctive industrial attitude.

Stamp Design Kit

A Stamp design kit ( steel protractor, ruler and calliper and a miniature Stamp Chair ) are also being given away throughout this week

As well as The Great Stamp Giveaway, (the opportunity to take home exclusively designed prototype chairs and lamps that have been rolling off the giant sheet metal machines all week), a smaller lasering machine is personalising special-edition Tom Dixon metal rulers. Get there quickly for the chance to have your own name or personal message put on this limited edition stationery – all designed and made in less than 20 seconds.

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