Minotti @ Salone Milan 2012

Minotti @ Salone Milan 2012

Innovation and continuity, the distinctive traits of an ever-evolving identity.

Minotti once again has delivered an abundant array of elegant / stylish / contemporary and desirable collections for the market to consider. The end result of many years of working towards an objective.

Over time, Minotti’s efforts have gone into two strong design values: “Measure and Understatement.”

Measure in terms of being an indication of the maturity reached; understatement in terms of being an existential-cum-aesthetic sign. Both are embedded in the very essence of the brand, both interpret contemporary living. No extremes, no ostentation, just a natural dialog with fashion trends. Which are observed, analyzed, studied, sometimes anticipated: and in the long run become part of its own design dimension.

Minotti consistently proves its ability to remain an inmportant influencer of style and so becomes an integral part of contemporary living. It does this by re-interpreting its existing collections and refining where required all of its’ collections, thus maintaining an enduringly strong focussed intention and a quintessentially unique approach.

“Reason contaminated by an indulging passion” : this is the archetypal Minotti trademark

Minotti once more displayed its unique ability to express the legacy of  ” Made in Italy ” excellence in construction through its committed research into technology and style and equally unique attention to detail. And coming up with unparalleled interior design projects time and time again.

2012 Fabrics Collection

The design mood for the 2012 home collection inspires a new fabric collection, coordinated by Minotti’s Styling Department and crafted to strengthen the brand’s identity, its exceptional style and uniqueness.

The new fabrics can be split into two categories, each with its own stylistic personality. The solid-color range includes fabrics that are elegant and refined, yarn dyed, composed of fibers that create contrasting highlights. The new textiles draw inspiration from the history of interior decoration.

Their heritage lies in the most prestigious fabric types, like woven denims, plaids, velours, and embroidered French cloth, all interpreted through the insightful and tasteful lens of Minotti creativity, with surprising graphic effects for a fresh and contemporary look.

The fabric collection reflects the values that also form the fabric of Minotti’s corporate culture, consistently driven toward excellence and the most authentic expression of the value inherent in Italian-made products. A select group of suppliers makes it possible for the company to guarantee the exclusivity of its fabric line, the highest quality, and full compliance with European UNI standards

Renato and Roberto Minotti

About Minotti

Founded in the 1950s by Alberto Minotti, the Italian furniture manufacturer we know as Minotti has been a serious staple in high quality pieces for over 6o years now.

By the 1980s, the family-named company blossomed into an internationally-known brand, and architect Rodolfo Dordoni joined Renato and Roberto Minotti as the driving creative force behind the brand’s innovative side.

In everything from chairs and beds to tables and bookcases, the Minotti brand seeks to work with truly authentic designers in creating timeless, modern classics.

About Rodolfo Dordoni

Born in Milan in 1954, he graduated with a degree in Architecture in 1979 from the Milan Polytechnic which has trained high-caliber architects. After his degree, Dordoni’s first tenure was in the design sector, designing a long line-up of products and soon becoming the artistic director of leading companies in the Italian and international design scene.

His working partnership with Minotti as the company’s artistic director dates back to 1997, overseeing the creation and development of all its collections.

In 2005 he set up the Studio Dordoni Architetti along with Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni, working in the field of architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and exhibition settings, and signing the design and development of villas, private homes, industrial and commercial spaces, exhibition stands, restaurants and hotels.

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