Minotti – Innovation & Continuity @ Salone Milan 2012

Minotti – Innovation & Continuity @ Salone Milan 2012

Innovation and continuity, the distinctive traits of an ever-evolving identity. The end result of many years of working towards an objective. Over time, its efforts have gone into two strong design values: measure and understatement. Measure in terms of being an indication of the maturity reached; understatement in terms of being an existential-cum-aesthetic sign.

Both are embedded in the very essence of the brand, both interpret contemporary living. Reason contaminated by an indulging passion: this is the archetypal Minotti trademark.

No extremes, no ostentation, just a natural dialog with fashion trends. Which are observed, analyzed, studied, sometimes anticipated: and in the long run become part of its own design dimension.

Minotti maintains its’ ability to become a leader in Contemporary living because it constantly re-interprets its most up-to-the-present aspects and highlighting, collection after collection, an enduringly strong intention and a quintessentially unique approach.

With a one-of-a-kind ability to express the legacy of Made in Italy excellence in construction. With unique research into technology and style and equally unique attention to detail. And coming up with unparalleled interior design projects time and time again.

All of these characteistics make for an ” Innovative brand”.

We have become accustomed with Minotti to seeing infinite shadings of grays and browns, elegantly spaced out from a sole note of color. Two years ago the accent colour was petrol. Last year it was rust.

For 2012, Minotti has changed its direction and it has envigorated and vitalised the 2012 collection with various colour accents and chromium plating in a very harmonious manner.

Minotti has concentrated this years collection around 4 x new tonalities with extra-lucid finishes: Sand / Celadon / Prune / Granite. Delicately and unexpectedly, they invade the living areas and night zones.


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