Minotti 2012 / Collection launch @ dedece Melbourne


The Minotti 2012/Collection, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, was presented at dedece’s Melbourne showroom in December, 2012

Minotti’s 2012/Collection interprets the latest trends with the utmost originality and emphasizes the brand’s unique style through an unrivaled fusion of tradition and technology, design and high fashion.

The 2012/Collection has received a prestigious “Wallpaper* Design Awards 2013” prize in the “Best collection” category. The coveted recognition was awarded for the qualities expressed by the 2012/Collection, which admirably marries innovation and consistency, distinguishing features of the Minotti brand.

The 2012/collection is striking in its unconventional use of a colour palette that is both elegant and sophisticated, adding depth to shapely lines.

The collection is admittedly influenced by the design elegance of the ’50s, incorporating echoes of Scandinavian tradition in an utterly unique interpretation with a contemporary flair, that expresses the typically Italian concept of luxury through an almost obsessive attention to detail.

This special occasion provided invited interior designers with a close-up look at the latest Minotti innovations eg the new Powell and Sherman seating systems, the Prince and Gilliam armchairs, the Evans collection of tables, the York chairs, the Morrison storage pieces, and many exciting accessories.

Minotti, known for its innovation and continuity, are the distinctive traits of an ever-evolving identity. The end result of many years of working towards an objective. Preserving many of its previous characters and adding touches of vintage elements, the end result is a beautiful marriage

Over time, its efforts have gone into two strong design values: measure and understatement.

All told, Minotti skillfully once again created a collection where past pieces and new products converse amiably, with truly spectacular results


dedece Melbourne welcomes you to come in and see the sophistication, elegance and luxury of the Minotti 2012/Collection for yourself ……..


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