The Minotti “Portraits of Places in Australia” Lunch

The Minotti “Portraits of Places in Australia” Lunch

It’s not often that one gets to celebrate twice in one day, but it’s clear that Italian furniture brand Minotti and Australian design wares distributor Dedece has plenty of milestones to toast this year.

In a coincidental chain of birthdays, 2018 sees Dedece celebrate 40 years of business, while Minotti celebrates 70 years in design and 20 years for its Art director Rodolfo Dordoni.

All of these milestones were celebrated at the same time thanks to the long-standing partnership between the Minotti and Engelen families as they joined to welcomed the new Melbourne home of the Minotti monobrand showroom at 2 Dale Street, Cremorne

With the opening of the new Minotti Monobrand Melbourne store, dedece again sets the standard for those seeking style and sophistication in the Australian metropolis and further strengthens Minotti‘s presence in a rapidly-expanding market that has consistently shown its appreciation for the timeless style and quality of Minotti products.

For the first event, Minotti toasted its new book Portraits of Places in Australia and Dedece’s new showroom by hosting an exquisite long lunch, catered by Pica Pica.

Guest in attendance included Roberto, Renato and Alessandro Minotti, Paolo Nardini ( Minotti sales mgr ), Rodolfo Dordoni ( Minotti art director ) alongside a host of design community luminaries like Greg Natale ( Greg Natale Design ) Sarah-Jane Pyke ( Arent & Pyke ), Richard Archer ( Archer + Wright ), Tina Engelen ( Co-Ap ), and Jeffrey Copolov, Kendra Pinkus, Brenton Smith, Hayden Crawford Bates Smart

Unable to attend on the day were Travis Walton ( Travis Walton Architecture )  and Sarah Davison ( Sarah Davison Design )

Also included for the special book launch lunch were dedece Sydney’s Tim and John Engelen, Lucy Poidevin and Michael Whatson as well as dedece Melbourne’s Roger Ludowyke and Bronwyn Cain

Renato Minotti, Rodolfo Dordoni and John Engelen

Roger Ludowyke, Lucy Poidevin and Richard Archer

Paolo Nardini, Genevieve Hromas, Rodolfo Dordoni and Sarah-Jane Pyke.

Kendra Pinkus, Alessandro Minotti and Jeffrey Copolov

Sarah-Jane Pyke, Brenton Smith and Hayden Crawford

Alessandro Minotti, Greg Natale & Roberto Minotti

Paolo Nardini, Sarah-Jane Pyke & Genevieve Hromas

Tim Engelen welcoming invited A&D guests, Rodolfo Dordoni and the Minotti family to the Minotti monobrand showroom at dedece Melbourne

Jeffrey Copolov, Paolo Nardini & Brenton Smith

Kendra Pinkus & Roger Ludowyke

Richard Archer, Tina Engelen & Rodolfo Dordoni

Roberto Minotti graciously thanking dedece for their strong friendship and long lasting business partnership in Australia

Renato Minotti proposing a toast to Tina Engelen ( Co-Ap architects ) for their impressive showroom design project

chef – Marta Engelen ( Pica Pica ) watching over the speeches

Renato Minotti, Tim Engelen and Roberto Minotti personally acknowledge Rodolfo Minotti’s contribution over 20 years guiding Minotti’s business creative design success

Rodolfo Dordoni responding to congratulatory remarks and thanks from Roberto and Renato minotti, acknowledging the personal and creative pleasure he has had working alongside the Minotti family for the past 20 years

Sarah-Jane Pyke receiving her copy of “Portrait of Places in Australia ” from Tim Engelen

Richard Archer gratefully receiving his Portriats of Places in Australia book

Greg Natale receives his copy of ” Portraits of Places in Australia”

Hayden Crawford, Paolo Nardini, Brenton Smith, Jeffrey Copolov and Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni kindly signing a copy of the ” Portraits of Places in Australia” book for Bates Smart’s Jeffrey Copolov

Renato Minotti, Marta Engelen ( pica pica ) and Tim Engelen

And it is a big ” thumbs up ” from Renato Minotti to Marta Engelen for her culinary lunch skills

Richard Archer and dedece Melbourne’s Simon Kais

Roger Ludowyke, Michael Whatson & Hayden Crawford

Bronwyn Cain & Roger Ludowyke

Michael Whatson, Roger Ludowyke and Lucy Poidevin


The festivities continued later that evening, via an A&D cocktail party to celebrate the new Minotti monobrand showroom in Richmond