Minotti Cocktail Party @ dedece Melbourne

Minotti Cocktail Party @ dedece Melbourne

2018 marks many reasons for Dedece to celebrate  –  it is the 40th year that Dedece has been in business, whilst Minotti is celebrating a truly impressive 70 years in business and 20 years that esteemed architect and furniture designer Rodolfo Dordoni has been Minotti’s art director.

Dedece was thrilled to celebrate the official opening of the new Minotti mono brand showroom to the Melbourne A & D community and clients on a particularly very cold winter’s night in late June.

The showroom has a few pieces from Minotti’s newest 2018 collection – flown in from Milan Salone 2018.

The cocktail party had over 100 guests in attendance including members of the Minotti family and creative director Rodolfo Dordoni (his first visit to Australia ), the Engelen family and of course the amazing Melbourne Dedece team.

The cocktail party was catered by Damm Fine Foods with alcohol provided by Melbourne institution Enoteca Sileno.

Alessandro, Renato and Roberto Minotti



Some VIP Guest photos

Renato Minotti, Sally Ann Walton and Rodolfo Dordoni

Kestie Lane, Heidi Krebs and Anne Marie Dabo

Roberto Minotti and Ross Honeysett

Jessica Lowe, Mia David and Bronwyn Cain

Rob Backhouse, Tim Engelen and Etoile Nasrallah

Aaron Wooster, Chris Mccue and Dillon Counsel

Tim Wilson, Verona and Joe Pulitano

Alison Jessup, Fiona Dunin and Stephen Tieppo

Debra Shepherd and Nicole Hall

Felipe Ballaben, Emma Mcphee and Daniel Soetjahjono

Michael Whatson and Lucy Marczyk

Kellie Morton, Jake McCrimmon, Vanda Scarfo and Owen Castley

Michelle Sait-Bennet and Kerry Phelan

Ubaldo Formica and Pascale Gomes Mcnabb

Michael Whatson, Nicole Rutherford, Alice Villella and Richard Misso

Karen Vio and John Engelen

Alessandro and Renato Minotti, Hamish Guthrie and Nicola Rogers

Beatrix Rowe, Amanda Rea and Karlee Blackburn

Tim and Marta Engelen

Jan Henderson, Paolo Nardini, Tina Engelen and Paul Hecker

Roger Ludowyke, Kestie Land and Anne Marie Dabo

Ashleigh Sillar, David Hicks, Alice Liu and Neil Rahmani

Tim Engelen, Sarah Shinners and Roger Ludowke

Paul Hecker, Roger Ludowyke and Kestie Lane

Renato Minotti, Tim Engelen and Roberto Minotti

Bronwyn Cain, Daisy Eckersley and Roger Ludowyke

Kerry Phelan, Chris Connell and Stephen Javens

Jessica lowe and Ubaldo Formica

The Minottti and Engelen families celebrate the launch of the latest Minotti monobrand in Melbourne

Team Minotti and Team Dedece – a job well done !!

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