The Minotti 70th Anniversary Party @ Salone Milan 2018

The Minotti 70th Anniversary Party @ Salone Milan 2018

On April 18, Minotti celebrated its 70th anniversary at the Villa Reale di Monza.

Approx 700 guests ( including Tim, Michael, Roger and Lucy from dedece ) were honored to attend to help the Minotti Family celebrate their family milestone in grand style – a fun, prosecco fueled evening in the spirit of Milanese hospitality and the brand’s customary elegance

The chosen location is the Villa Reale di Monza, which hosted the first Biennale of decorative arts in 1923, 43 editions of the International Furnishing Exhibition, and currently hosts the Triennale Design Museum, as well as various fashion, art and design exhibitions, establishing itself as an evocative expression of the high quality of Italian creativity.


rodolfo dordoni ( centre )

The company continues to be run by the Minotti family with Alberto ( died 1998 ) and his wife Ileana’s sons, Renato and Roberto, have been joined by Renato’s sons, Alessio and Alessandro, and Roberto’s daughter, Susanna, to ensure knowledge is passed down through the generations

Throughout the night Renato Minotti and his twin sons Alessandro & Alessio and Roberto Minotti and his daughter Susanna —wandered through the multi-part exhibition, often accompanied by one or more of their illustrious V.I.P designer guests Rodolfo Dordoni, Oki Sato ( Nendo ) Marcio Kogan and Christophe Delcourt

This allowed as many as possible of the guests to have a chance to personally congratulate them all on their efforts – especially so in this commemorative 70th year

Minotti chose Migliore+Servetto Architects to develop the concept for this event at the iconic Villa Reale di Monza, which occupied eight rooms on the Villa’s main floor, dedicated to providing a narrative overview of the brand’s history.

The exhibition arranged on the main floor of the villa outlines three different, narrative scenarios that, like frames in stop motion, offer insights into the family’s value and the internationality and style of the famous Italian brand.

Moving between the physical and the digital, these dynamic installations are able to recompose numerous unseen materials into a sort of large, environmental scrapbook

At the centre of the Sala del Trono is a large, interactive globe placed in dialogue with the dynamic wall behind it, leading the visitor to discover Minotti’s global network location reach and photographs from each monobrand store around the world

In the Sala degli Uccelli, an articulated system of interactive projections runs along the main wall, looking back at the last 20 years of history and projects.

A system of projections in the Sala degli Arazzi gives out infinite reflections, embracing the space in a family portrait with a wealth of personal objects and memories in order to represent the brilliant intuition of Alberto Minotti, which has been continued by the new generations.

It is now 70 years since Alberto Minotti founded the company, which remains in the family and has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of design furniture.

Like many firms operating in the Brianza region, to the north of Milan, Minotti began as a craft-based workshop producing upholstered furniture.

Over subsequent decades, it embraced the evolution of new manufacturing technologies whilst retaining a focus on artisanal expertise.

The combination of mechanised precision and hand-finishing results in exquisitely detailed products with a sensitivity and emotion that only comes from the input of skilled craftsmanship.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Alberto’s sons Roberto and Renato began a process of growth and expansion into the international markets.

The 2018 anniversary products encapsulate the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and design innovation, and was among the highlights of the 2018 Salone del Mobile.Milano.



A memorable event in a prestigious location to mark 70 years of commitment in high-end contemporary furniture.

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The stong and long lasting collaboration with the architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni and the universal appeal of its simple and elegant products helped to establish Minotti as a leading company of high-end ‘Made in Italy’ furniture.

Since 1998, architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni has worked alongside the Minotti family to create furniture and furniture lines which have been very successfully launched around the world, and this year he has been involved in mentoring the selected international designers with different but equally winning cultures.

The 70th anniversary year provides an opportunity to look back at the achievements of past decades, as well as looking ahead by demonstrating the continued relevance of the brand’s timeless aesthetic.

The exhibition path ends with the Sala à Manger, where two huge, out of scale books tower four metres high on an equal number of easels.

These large photo albums contained a digitised encapsulation of historic Minotti materials and trivia, offering geusts an immersive glimpse into the Minotti attitude

The immersive installation told the story of Minotti’s history, paid tribute to the manufacturing expertise in the surrounding Brianza district.

It consisted of three narrative scenarios outlining different aspects of the Minotti family’s values, as well as the importance of internationality and the unique sense of style for which the company is renowned.

A combination of physical and digital media helped create a dynamic installation which immersed all the guests with the Minotti lifestyle.



International Designers


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The 2018 collection of products presented on Minotti’s stand at Salone del Mobile embody the qualities that have contributed to its enduring success.

They also represent the brand’s global outlook, with contributions from four international designers –  Nendo ( japan ) , Kogan ( brazil ) , Dordoni ( italy) and Delcourt ( france )

The collection was overseen by Minotti’s collections coordinator, architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who is also commemorating his 20th year working with the company.

Under Dordoni’s guidance, Minotti has focused on developing products that represent a unique take on contemporary lifestyles – centred around unparalleled comfort, reliability and classic styling.

The collaboration has been key to Minotti’s success and the way the brand is perceived around the world.



1 Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo has applied its idiosyncratic graphic aesthetic to the Tape seating collection.

The furniture references Minotti’s sartorial experience by incorporating a playful detail that resembles a piece of ribbon holding the metal legs in place.

Nendo brought his graphic and minimalist touch, as well as his Eastern references, and created pieces with clean, rounded strokes such as the Wave and Ring tables.

I never imagined that Minotti and I could speak the same language, and we did it! “………….. Oki Sato ( nendo )




2 Marcio Kogan

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan brought his architectural approach to the outdoor project, borrowing elements and materials from boating and nature when creating the Quadrado sofa system

Marcio Kogan from Brazil has developed an outdoor seating system that combines an architectural sensibility with details and materials borrowed from boating and nature.

Its Square design is a system of sofas and objects to be used outdoors, which brings warmth at the same time as surprising by its mathematical precision – able to make all modules fit into the most diverse positions.

Suspended square platforms inspired by the teak duckboard found on sailing boats support padded cushions and backrests made from woven fibres.

The seating elements can be interspersed with wooden surfaces incorporating trays or candle holders, and the collection also includes an armchair to allow a fully customisable outdoor landscape to be created.


Day 2.It's time for Marcio Kogan and our Quadrado outdoor seating system!Find out #studiomk27 #rodolfodordoni #minotti70

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We met Minotti five years ago. When we met, I was asked informally to draw something, but I did not take it seriously. Then I received an invitation letter to develop an outdoor furniture for the brand’s 70 years. Then I realized that it was a invitation, ”  ……… Marcio Kogan



Dordoni is very generous – we worked very well together. His contributions were timely and very important in the field of technique,” …………. Diana Radomysler ( a partner in studio mk27 )



3 Christophe Delcourt

French designer Christophe Delcourt has created Granville – a seating system focused on an interplay of curves and of marked and light strokes.

The rounded and concave legs feature contrasting finishes on their inner and outer surfaces, with reflective metals drawing attention to the often overlooked base of the table.


Christophe Delcourt is on stage on day 3.Take a look to our Granville seating system.Find out

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Dialogue with the DNA of the brand while expressing its identity, also highlights the work of the Frenchman Christophe Delcourt, who combined precious materials and the beauty of craftsmanship in creations such as the sophisticated Dan table (above), which surprises by putting the metal inside the feet.



4 Rodolfo Dordoni

In addition to the technical tips, Dordoni also created his own parts for the brand.

Items like the Alexander and Russel sofas, timeless and function as representatives of Minotti’s identity, reaffirming his style.

The Alexander sofa is a flexible sofa system comprising squared and curved modules that can be combined to create a wide range of layouts.

The pieces can be specified with high or low backrests and armrests, and feature prominent seams influenced by high-end tailoring.



Alexander invites you to take a seat.Design by Rodolfo Dordoni.Find out

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The result is a multifaceted collection that reveals a design approach that is open to a variety of individualized contributions rooted in vibrant and diverse cultural contexts,” ……….. Rodolfo Dordoni




5 Minotti Archives

At this important moment of reflection, Minotti has recommissioned a special-edition product range from its’ archives, to commemorate its family roots

Selected from the Minotti Archive, the Albert & lIe collection of seats and a coffee table are a tribute to the founder of the company, who died in 1991, and his wife Ileana, who is currently its Honorary President.

The Albert & Ile seatings are joined by a table to form a retro-styled collection that demonstrates the timeless appeal of Minotti’s designs


Back to the roots with Albert & Ile.A vintage flair to celebrate the 70 years anniversary.Find out

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Albert retains the classic 1900s armrest form, which merges with a seat and backrest evocative of the 1950s.

Iles’s outline is closer to the look of the 1960s, with its characteristic hollow back referencing popular armchairs of this decade.

These classic designs have been updated for this commemorative release, but still demonstrate a timelessness and craftsmanship that transcends generations and has become the hallmark of Minotti’s products; past, present and future

Historical creations that close the cycle of celebrations and make it clear why Minotti’s 2018 collection comes with the sign of infinity instead of the 8th.

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