(Con)temporary Urban Spatial Phenomena

(Con)temporary Urban Spatial Phenomena

String Theory was a temporary installation by RMIT interior design students at Dedece’s Melbourne showroom.

The project explored the geometric and illusionistic potential of various types of string, line and thread as mediums which can be used for the manifestation of astounding spatial experiences.

The introduction of phenomena based sensibilities into the site-specific nature of the urban realm provides the opportunity to expose the many layers of interpretation, contextual reference and potential metaphors inherent within the shaping of the sensorial qualities of space.

In this situation design has the opportunity to become a spatial composition that reacts to the nature of the environment with which it interacts, an augmentation and amplification of the conditions of an existing architectural space

The design of the string constructions responded to the aesthetics of a number of chairs and lights in the dedece range and was constructed as a series dynamic environments which the furniture pieces inhabited within the dedece showroom.

About Ross McLeod

Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2011
Master of Architecture, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1998
Associate Diploma Applied Design, (Furniture Design) Tasmanian State Institute of Technology, 1986
Bachelor of Arts, (Industrial Design) Sydney College of the Arts, 1982

Research Director Furniture Laboratory RMIT 2005 – 2011
Program Director Interior Design RMIT 2002 – 2004
Senior Lecturer Interior Design RMIT 1998 – 2002
Lecturer Interior Design RMIT 1992 – 1998

Mcleod Studio is a multilayered design practice involved in the development and realisation of furniture, sculpture and architecture. The studio explores the perceptual and conceptual principles of design through the production of specific collections. Each collection takes a different approach to the design process and expresses a unique narrative of creative production.

The furniture pieces are one-off and limited edition production based designs. They are developed as refined and elegant solutions to material, structural and manufacturing issues while retaining a sense of authenticity in their making and intimacy in their use.

The phenomena works represent a hybrid form of creative practice which positions itself between art and design, object and space and the material and immaterial aspects of the physical world. The works are conceived as extraordinary and provocative sensorial gestures that set up dynamic relationships within architectural and urban spaces.

The architectural constructions are developed as spatial responses to the Australian landscape. They are conceived as focal points for the natural elements and landforms that define a site and seek to refine the collection of sun, wind and rain to create responsive, adaptive and beautiful solutions to the issues of building and sustainability.

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