Shifting Sands – Superstudio 2012 Winners

Shifting Sands – Superstudio 2012 Winners

Three RMIT students won this year’s 24-hour SuperStudio student competition, having envisioned the future of architecture “as a multidisciplinary mongrel

This year’s SuperStudio brief, curated by Tim Pyke and Mark Raggatt of ARM Architecture, asked students to create a manifesto describing the future of architecture as an artistic and professional pursuit. Students were then asked to apply these ideas in an installation at both the Venice Biennale and 2013 Australian Architecture Conference in Melbourne.

The winning team MUTT comprised – Ben Kazacos (5th Year Landscape Architecture, RMIT), Brock Hogan (5th Year Landscape Architecture, RMIT), and Phoebe Baker-Gabb (4th Year Interior Design, RMIT). The team commented: “Entering SuperStudio 2012 was a very spontaneous decision for us and as a result our team was a cross-disciplinary mix of students of landscape architecture and interior design.

They submitted a video of their installation for the Shifting Sands competition run by the Institute’s Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA). The video’s sensory approach to architectural design took the form of a sculptural drawing device and online image uploading system.

MUTT’s scheme advocated for a participatory and sensorial approach to architectural design manifested in a sculptural drawing device and online image uploading system. The scheme was strong in its interest in the aesthetic and experiential.

“Our final design, aptly named Mark, seeks to create architecture that is both personal and collective, specific and general. Mark aims to extend user engagement beyond physical interaction and perhaps beyond the life of the architecture itself.”

Their prototype sculpture uses 900 pencils. This beautiful piece of videography impressed the jury for its clarity of expression, breadth of ideas and potential for real-life application.

About Superstudio

SuperStudio is the infamous annual student design competition, which is run in every Australian state and territory simultaneously over just 24 hours.

Entry to Superstudio is free for SONA members, with great prizes on offer including flights to the Venice Biennale for the winning submission.

Every year the Superstudio brief poses a challenging new question to its participants, requiring invigorating, theoretically-considered responses that challenge the boundaries of architectural form making. With just 24 hours from start to finish – synchronised across Australia – groups of up to 3 students work under pressure to produce striking and conceptually innovative submissions. A real highlight of the SONA calendar!

In 2012, SuperStudio ran simultaneously across the nation, in seven locations, with more than 450 students in attendance. Four commendations were also awarded.

SONA is the student group of the Australian Institute of Architects. Through the promotion of students, SONA aims to develop a culture of leadership and community for the advancement of Australian architecture.

SuperStudio 2012

Commendations were also made by the National Jury and were awarded to:


Sebastian Smith
Griffith University, Year 1, Architecture

Scott Beeby
Griffith University, Year 1, Architecture

Aaron Chen
Queensland University of Technology, Year 2, Architecture


Michael Collins
University of Melbourne, Year 5, Architecture + Construction

Daisy Xu
University of Melbourne, Year 4, Architecture

Nigel Lim
University of Melbourne, Year 4, Architecture

Form Follows Fn

Simon Del Favero
University of Sydney, Year 3, Architecture

Marshall Blecher
University of Sydney, Year 4, Architecture

Architecture for Architects

Ben Spinetti
University of Sydney, Year 1, Architecture

William Munn
University of Sydney, Year 1, Architecture

Rio Murase
University of Sydney, Year 1, Architecture

To see the submissions that received commendations and more submissions from around the country please visit the SONA Gallery.

The National Jury:

Danny Brookes – SONA President
Jacqueline Connor – EmAGN Chair
Melinda Dodson – Past National President, Australian Institute of Architects
Mark Raggatt – Creative Director ‘ Shifting Sands’, SuperStudio 2012
Tim Pyke – Creative Director ‘ Shifting Sands’, SuperStudio 2012

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