Minotti – ” A New Home Attitude” @ Salone Milan 2016

Minotti – ” A New Home Attitude” @ Salone Milan 2016

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A new approach to living space. Not just “une machine à habiter, as defined by Le Corbusier, but also a theatrical backdrop for our emotions and, ultimately, our lives.

And the inspiration for Minotti’s2016 Collection // A New Home Attitude ” can be found precisely in this newfound centrality of the contemporary habitat.

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A stylistic unfolding of the way living environments are conceived that shies away from contrivance in favor of an elegant simplicity devoid of affectation, combined with seamless stylistic dialog between indoor and outdoor decor.

Inspiration and influences from different cultures merge naturally in a versatile collection that conveys a lighthearted air and undeniable joie de vivre.

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Minottis 2016 Collection echoes the changes in the realm of furnishings and decor and interprets the increasingly widespread need to live one’s space by fully enjoying every part of it, including the outdoors.

A versatile seating system open to accessorizing with a selection of complementary pieces – armchairs, coffee tables, tables, chairs, storage elements – to compose a new attitude to domestic design that conveys relaxed elegance and a fluid style that that can be found in outdoor settings, in an exciting play of visual associations between indoors and out.

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Through the Outdoor 2016 Collection, the sophisticated elegance and unrivaled comfort that distinguish the interior design products are expanded to include the outdoors – garden, patio or veranda – thanks to an impassioned quest for the right materials, carefully selected to resist wear and weather.

The Indiana and Virginia “Outdoor” series both place the material at the heart of the project – the versatile and luxurious iroko wood – skillfully shaped in enlightened balance between classicism and modernity.

A vast collection of chairs, with bold personalities, around which a series of accessories revolves – tables, coffee and accent tables, a rug – that all work together to form different interpretations of outdoor space, creating a sophisticated play of visual associations with the interior decor.

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2016 Minotti Indoor Collection Introduction



Minotti’s 2016  Textiles and Colour Palette

A collection that calls to mind Italian custom-tailored tradition, updating it in a singular textile design of contemporary taste that combines a technological core philosophy with vintage influences.

The new textile collection emphasizes the fine-tailoring qualities that characterize the seating elements in the new collection with a range of upholstery products that make each item a hand-crafted masterpiece with unique, customized features typical of a bespoke “Made in Italy” suit.

An eclectic approach to the world of textiles, exploring luxurious raw materials: worsted wool, cotton sateen, linen, cotton and rayon chenille, to mention just a few of the textiles that make up the new collection.

The color palette revolves around an exciting variety of earth tones, dominated by many shades of grey, that lend themselves to a broad spectrum of uses and are well suited to the most diverse surroundings and styles.

In addition to earth tones, some fashionable and unexpected colors like saddle-hide, ocean blue, teal, bordeaux and bamboo green were introduced, colors that work to create captivating contrasts while maintaining a tasteful air of restrained elegance



Rodolfo Dordoni Design


Innovating interior living space design through a seating system displaying into a variety of elements, with different features, a strong aesthetic identity, elegant proportions and unrivaled comfort.

Freeman embodies this dual identity: the Freeman “Duvet” elements feature smooth, enveloping lines and extra-soft cushions that, like a warm embrace, induce a feeling of pure relaxation.

Freeman “Duvet” combines soothing design elements and especially sophisticated construction details steeped in tradition that evoke classical modern perfection.


The Freeman “Tailor” elements express a different personality, with their more defined shapes and one-piece seats enhanced with top-stitching that accents their graphic nature and contemporary spirit.

The wedding of these two spirits makes it possible to create “multitasking” compositions, with a dynamic air that characterize different moments in the day and different ways of using the sofa.


The Freeman seating system deservedly takes center stage in any living space, in which to enjoy the intimacy of family or entertain friends in an elegant, yet informal setting.

The Freeman “Tailor” elements provide a charming alternative with “Wing” backrests and armrests, both featuring clean, light lines thanks to a polyurethane foam-covered structure, in clear contrast to the considerable volume of the seats.


The use of “Wing” backrests and armrests adds visual lightness to the compositions created with the “Tailor” elements, making them more dynamic.

The base of the sofa is finished with an elegant, extruded aluminum frame with rounded edges in a glossy light bronze painted finish. The cast aluminum joint fittings located at the corners are a defining detail that lends an air of sophistication to the sofa base.


The sofa is raised off the floor on refined metal feet with a glossy light bronze painted finish for an effect of overall lightness.

The Freeman seating system has a wealth of couture content that strongly reflects the unique expertise the company has acquired over the years.


Notably, the structures of the Freeman “Tailor” elements reveal a complex and sophisticated construction – the various parts in fabric are joined using a bronze color strip of eco-leather with double-stitched detail, which lends the fabric a very original look. The same type of workmanship also characterizes the seat back cushions.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The collection of Creed seating elements comes with a full-blown personality and was developed to establish a lively, meaningful conversation with the many accessories from the 2016 Collection, especially when paired with the Bellagio “Lounge” tables to create innovative and unique living spaces.

The Creed family comprises numerous chairs, each of which was specifically designed for a particular setting, in terms of both use and style.

The carefully-engineered proportions of the elements in the Creed series allow these products to be seamlessly integrated into residential and hospitality settings, like lounge areas, waiting rooms, corporate offices and boutiques.



Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The enveloping headboard is enhanced with constructive details that reveal an aesthetic language lush with fine-tailoring content and that imbues classic shapes with a contemporary edge.

The bed is composed of a 17 cm. H. base with pocket springs that, along with the “Comfort H. 25” mattress, promote superior quality of sleep.

The finely-crafted tailoring is apparent in the 45° joints of the footboard, and in the stitching that embellishes the headboard and footboard of the bed.

The bed sits on elegant metal blades with glossy painted Pewter color finish.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The Winston armchair is clear evidence of Minotti’s ability to create products that make use of the most cutting-edge technologies while drawing upon its expertise in classic upholstering.

The construction of the seat and backrest is a skillful blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.

The outer shell in heat-molded structural polyurethane is combined with an inner shell also in molded structural polyurethane with high-density flexible polyurethane.

Execution of the capitonné tufting is entirely done by hand and lends proof of the acquired old-school skills that celebrate the fine art of upholstering.

The base, featuring a curved design that lends vitality and lightness, is made of molded structural polyurethane with dark moka lacquered finish.

Winston is a comfortable, elegant chair designed to pair harmoniously with all the seating systems in the collection. Perfectly at home in any environment, it aspires to become an object to be handed down for generations, like a family jewel.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The lines that distinguish the Virginia “Indoor” family restate the vision of the eponymous outdoor series, with clear references to the same relaxed elegance and yearning to reconnect with nature.

The structure is in solid iroko wood with handcrafted dovetailing and finishing. The wood is either natural or stained Dark Brown and then treated with a protective sunlight-resistant varnish.

The soft cushions are designed to provide a sensual contrast to the substance of the wood structure. The backrest is especially soft and inviting, thanks to the many, generously-sized backrest cushions.

The Virginia “Indoor” family includes a sofa, armchair, footstool, ottoman and coffee tables with flush inset, Bardiglio Nuvolato marble tops.

Thanks to their smooth lines and balanced proportions, the elements in the Virginia “Indoor” series are an effortless fit in both residential and hospitality interiors


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


Marble, a material of timeless appeal, inspired the concept of a collection of accent tables displaying an unconventional elegance, versatility in placement and variety in finishes, available in many shapes and sizes.

Table tops in uncommon shapes rest on solid brushed oak legs with painted black finish. The bronzed metal cap that rests on the floor and the plate with the same finish located at the upper end of the leg are details that add a touch of refinement to accessories with an already bold personality.

The many finishes available for the table top reflect the enchantment of different materials: from the natural effect of Sucupira veneer with stained Mink finish, to the more sophisticated Calacatta or Bardiglio Nuvolato marble, to the modern sheen of the glossy lacquered Sand or Mud finish.

The table with round top comes in Sucupira veneer with stained Mink finish and in backpainted glass in the following colors: Teal, Granite and Sand.

In addition to accent tables, the Jacob family also includes a writing desk with the top in Sand or Mud glossy lacquer finish, or in Sucupira veneer with stained Mink finish.

The writing desk also has a convenient chest-of-drawers in wood with matt black lacquer finish.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The fascination of the hexagonal prism derives from its many light-reflecting facets, a quality that is enhanced by glossy lacquer finishes in four sophisticated shades: Corten, Petroleum, Sand and Mud.

In the version veneered in luxurious Sucupira with stained Mink finish, Aeron reveals the substantial nature of its tactile materiality.

Aeron tables are available in several sizes, making it possible to create a unique interplay of shapes and dimensions and an interesting interplay with the other types of coffee and accent tables in the collection.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


Designed to perform a serving function for the sofas and armchairs in any living space, the Brisley accent tables sparkle with bold personality.

The base and top are perfectly symmetrical and revisit the hexagonal shape – one of the leitmotifs of the 2016 Collection – while the choice of chromed metal emphasizes its assertive personality.

Brisley comes in two versions: with the base and top connected by slender rods or on a central chromed base.

Brisley is a versatile table that can easily be paired with all the sofas and armchairs in the Minotti collection


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


An exotic wood, Lati stained wenge lends spellbinding substance to the Ritter coffee table, balanced by a clean, minimal design ethos.

Crafted from a special 2 mm-thick sheet, the veneer and brushed finish add organic value and visual and tactile sensations similar to those found in a product made from solid wood.

Ritter appears to float above the floor on a black painted wood base.

The Ritter coffee table is available in two sizes: 86×86 cm and 110×100 cm and, in addition to the version in Lati stained wenge, also comes with a glossy lacquer finish in sophisticated shades like Corten, Petroleum and Mud.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


A series of new finishes contributes a fresh, contemporary appeal to the Calder family that comprises many coffee tables and console tables, available in several sizes.

The slender iron structure now comes in a Light Bronze satin finish.

Several new versions of the top are also available: glossy lacquered Sand, Sucupira veneer stained Mink color, and Bardiglio Nuvolato or Calacatta marble.

The under shelf is also in satin finish metal painted Light Bronze.

Some of the consoles are equipped with drawers in Sucupira stained Mink color.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The collection of Carson storage units features a minimal, modern design aesthetic, expressed in a combination of luxurious materials.

The result is stunning visual and tactile effects – the stark nobility of bronzed metal and the timeless allure of marble play counterpoint to the poetic substance of the Sucupira.

The structure is in MDF with Sucupira wood veneer stained Mink color. The sides rest on the floor and are made of Light Bronze satin-finished metal.

The Carson storage units are available in an array of configurations that serve various practical needs, with the option of being placed in different rooms in the home: from the entry to the living room.

All the elements are flawlessly finished, even on the back, so they can easily be used as room dividers.

The Carson storage elements owe their refined elegance to a combination of materials that produces surprising effects.

The drawer fronts and drop-front door are full thickness to highlight the poetic substance of the wood.

The top comes in Bardiglio Nuvolato and Calacatta marble, set flush into the Bronze painted satin finish metal structure, a constructive detail that unquestionably adds value to the sophistication of the product.

The Carson collection includes elements custom-designed to fulfill different functional needs – from the console designed to enhance the entry, all the way up to the sideboard “dining”, the dining room buffet and a vertical cabinet.

The drawers are fitted with push-pull mechanism, while the elements with drop-front doors are equipped with an interior LED bar light with motion sensor activated by the door’s opening and closing mechanism.

The interiors of the drop-front door elements are finished in Corten color glossy lacquer, a tasteful note that reveals the attention paid to every construction detail, even the most out-of-sight



2016 Minotti Outdoor Collection



Minotti’s 2016 Outdoor Lifescape 04 Textile Collection

The Lifescape 04 outdoor textile collection – 100% Made in Italy – was designed with the idea to break down the traditional barrier between fabrics for indoor furnishings and those used outdoors

This year, the textile collection demonstrates how – thanks to exclusive processes engineered by our Style Office with the help of select suppliers – textile structures made with acrylic fibers and propylene can express the same sophisticated elegance as fabrics made exclusively for indoor use.

An elegant panama, a soft velvet, a jersey with 3-D effect and a floral jacquard allow the tailored uniqueness expressed by the entire 2016 Collection to confidently move outdoors.



Rodolfo Dordoni Design


When a material is endowed with its own expressive energy, its shape cannot help but be dictated by this intrinsic quality.

And that is what happened with the Indiana project – an outdoor collection crafted to emphasize the quality of the solid iroko, a warm and versatile kind of wood that is well suited to being turned and sculpted to reveal shapes that radiate the charm of objects molded by nature and by exposure to the elements.

The Indiana family comprises numerous pieces – sofas, end elements, chaise-longues, ottomans, coffee tables – with their base in solid iroko, intricate hand-crafted dovetailing and finishing details, and available in both natural iroko and “Dark Brown” stained finish.

The elements are raised off the floor on Pewter color painted aluminum caps that are inserted into the wood base.

The backrest and armrests are covered in a macro woven polypropylene webbing with a sleek, contemporary vibe and available in the following colors: Bamboo, Stone and Moka.

The table tops are in Corian® EC in the shade of Elegant Grey.

The structure of the armrests and backrest is in metal with a painted Pewter color finish and is covered with a special polypropylene webbing that forms a unique, entirely hand-crafted macro woven material.

The color palette includes Bamboo, Stone and Moka, selected to coordinate well with both the structure in iroko wood and with the new fabrics in the exclusive outdoor textile collection.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The Brisley “Outdoor” accent table was designed as a serving piece for the seating elements in the Lifescape collection, revisiting the design of its namesake table created for the Indoor collection.

The base and top are completely symmetrical and repeat the hexagonal shape, making it possible to create original pairings with the Aeron “Outdoor” accent tables.

The metal structure is painted white with a bush-hammered effect finish.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The Aeron “Outdoor” accent tables are available in several sizes, making it possible to create a unique interplay of shapes and sizes.

Thanks to their hexagonal prism shape, they forge interesting connections with other types of coffee tables in the collection, especially with the Brisley “Outdoor” accent table.

The structure is in forex, a plastic material made of PVC foam, processed using miter folding, and then completed with a Sand or Granite color glossy lacquer finish.


Rodolfo Dordoni Design


The Virginia “Outdoor” collection conjures up the widespread desire to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the views – whether landscapes or cityscapes – that convey a sensation of freedom and wellbeing.

The Virginia Outdoor family is a line that is brilliantly balanced between classicism and the modern.

Workmanship of the solid iroko wood plays up all the qualities of a living, organic material that is pleasing to the eyes and to the touch.

The finish options are: natural iroko or “Dark Brown” stained finish.

The clean lines of the wood structure are complemented by soft back and seat cushions, featuring generous padding and upholstery textiles that lend a tone of sophisticated elegance to the entire collection.

The sofa, armchair and ottoman are all imbued with compact proportions that brilliantly solve design dilemmas around modestly-proportioned terraces or verandas, as well as hospitality environments.


Gordon Guillaumier Design


The family of Bellagio Outdoor tables expands with the introduction of new H61 cm “Lounge”, H64 cm “Lounge Dining” and H72 cm “Dining” versions.

The base is made of tubular metal with painted glossy Pewter color finish.

The round top comes in contoured, fine grain, brushed Purple Porphyry.

The versions with square and rectangular table tops are instead available with finish in iroko slats and “Dark Brown” iroko.



Rodolfo Dordoni Design


New to the Lifescape collection is an outdoor rug that makes a striking contribution to defining settings that are intimate and elegant.

The rug has a plaited structure with a tricot effect, made of permeable, breathable acrylic yarn, making this rug truly ideal, even in humid environments.

Durable, invisible stitching joins the mélange acrylic yarn plaits while the border on two sides is in a neutral grey.

The colors of the rug take their cue from nature and coordinate brilliantly not only with the structures in iroko wood and the Lifescape textiles, but also with various types of flooring.

The rug is made entirely of Olyna Outdoor, a 100% Made in Italy polyolefin fiber, crafted from a compact yet flexible braided structure with a tricot effect


Minotti Company Profile





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About Rodolfo Dordoni


Born in Milan in 1954, he graduated with a degree in Architecture in 1979 from the Milan Polytechnic which has trained high-caliber architects.

After his degree, Dordoni’s first tenure was in the design sector, designing a long line-up of products and soon becoming the artistic director of leading companies in the Italian and international design scene.

His working partnership with Minotti as the company’s artistic director dates back to 1997, overseeing the creation and development of all its collections.

In 2005 he set up the Studio Dordoni Architetti along with Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni, working in the field of architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and exhibition settings, and signing the design and development of villas, private homes, industrial and commercial spaces, exhibition stands, restaurants and hotels.

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