Minotti [pt 3/4] @ Salone Milan 2017

Minotti [pt 3/4] @ Salone Milan 2017

The Home Anthology Collection, coordinated ( like those preceding it ) entirely by Rodolfo Dordoni, also contains some products from French designer Christophe Delcourt.

Drawing upon the expertise gained over the years, Minotti expands its creativity in new directions, in a spellbinding layering of influences and styles, perfectly balanced between the classic and the contemporary.

The design project for a new collection goes well beyond the brilliant execution of a stylistic exercise; if anything, it is the transformation of an intuitive idea into a tangible product, one that brings vitality and form to different lifestyles and ways of inhabiting the home today.

Enchanting interiors that evoke an atmosphere of timeless elegance, yet are filled with the unexpected. A sophisticated aesthetic language that finds its voice in the choice of exclusive materials and surprising combinations – wood, stone, glass, fabrics and leather – with amazing textures and colors that kindle feelings of warmth.



2017 The Home Anthology Collection




2017 Minotti Collection by Rodolfo Dordoni



A seating system with a classic-modern spirit, built upon a clustering of generous yet sleek shapes that describe distinctly horizontal lines. Lawrence embraces its bold, self-assured personality and adds to it an array of pieces that make it extremely versatile and allow for the creation of multi-functional compositions that bring understated elegance to settings that reflect different tastes.

Lawrence is the quintessential expression of bespoke design, a quality inherent to every product the company makes.


Lawrence Clan

The amazing versatility of the Lawrence sofa reveals itself in the option of creating highly dynamic compositions through the combination of different pieces.

With their well-defined shapes, the “Clan” elements lend themselves to compositions that express a more dynamic and informal interpretation of the living room.

Lawrence Bed

The Lawrence Bed puts a contemporary spin on the classic upholstered bed, bringing back balanced proportions and adding the kind of constructive details that speak volumes about the company’s ability to deliver design and masterful craftsmanship.



The Jacques collection includes sofas, and ottomans available in several sizes, originated from a common design seed that transforms a vaguely retro style into a symbol of absolutely contemporary style. A sophisticated aesthetic language that is expressed in soft rounded shapes, compact proportions and details with striking visual impact, like the metal base with Light Bronze finish.

All of the seating elements share the enveloping lines that offer a pleasant sensation of welcoming warmth, thanks to the soft cushioning in the seats and backrests.

Structural perfection and flawless tailoring underscore the high level of expertise achieved by the company over the years and are the consummate expression of its masterful craftsmanship.

The sophisticated elegance and compact proportions inherent in all the Jacques collection seating elements allow them to thrive harmoniously in any setting – from home decor to hospitality – and to be easily paired with the new seating systems.



Pollock is the quintessential sofa, as designed by Minotti. With a contemporary eye, the Pollock seating system revisits the aesthetic values that distinguished the eponymous seating system, a company best-seller at the end of the ‘90s.

Pollock is an extremely versatile sofa that can play a starring role in any setting and be dressed with cool elegance in all the fabrics and leather options the exclusive Minotti collection.

A subtle quilted motif enhances the Pollock seat cushions and exemplifies how a talent for tailoring is an integral part of the company’s DNA, and evident in every detail of construction.


Florida Outdoor

With the Florida seating system, the concept of a sofa entirely upholstered in fabric is expanded to include the outdoors.

The variety of pieces available allows for the creation of multiple compositions that meet the increasingly widespread demand for spaces that are more intimate and cozy, as well as areas for social gatherings, even in outdoor settings.
Halley Indoor

An armchair with a boldly original design, Halley offers undeniable visual impact as well as great comfort.

The enveloping shape of the backrest back, the fluid lines of the support base and the choice of unique upholstery materials – leather or fabric – heighten the sculptural image of the Halley armchair and make it a chair that is as tastefully elegant as it is comfortable.

The Halley armchair can be coordinated with its eponymous ottoman.


Halley Outdoor

A family of chairs for outdoor use that echoes the visually striking design of the eponymous indoor armchair.

The Halley “Outdoor” family includes an armchair, ottoman, sofa and daybed.

Thanks to their streamlined proportions, they bring stylish, elegant decor to any setting, even urban and hospitality spaces.

The Halley “Outdoor” collection also includes a daybed that is as elegant as it is comfortable.

The structure is covered in cord in the following colors: Sand, Elephant Grey, Charcoal, Sunflower, Khaki Green and Rust.

Thanks to a mechanism designed and engineered by Minotti Studio, the Halley “Outdoor” daybed can be adjusted to four different reclining positions.


Colette Indoor

Guaranteed to turn heads, this armchair takes its inspiration from the iconic period of mid-century elegance and skillfully blends experimentation in the design of shapes with sophisticated decorative taste.


Colette Outdoor

Colette “Outdoor” is an armchair with an enveloping shape that comes in an unexpected combination of innovative materials and colors designed to inject a spark of vitality and energy into outdoor living.


Amelie Dining & Lounge

Amelie Dining Chair

The enveloping lines of the Amélie little armchair ensure the perfect blend of elegant proportions and ergonomic comfort. The option to choose the base, and the many different upholstery selections available for the seat, make Amélie an especially versatile chair that can lend understated elegance to any type of decor.  The Amélie chair is available both in the “Dining” and “Lounge” options.

Amelie Lounge Chair



A product whose masterful manufacture clearly emphasizes the fact that it is not mass-produced. The Overby tray is an object that blends functionality and decorative impact in an expression of refined taste.

The Overby tray is available in square or rectangular versions and coordinates perfectly with all the tables and coffee tables in the collection.


Diamond Lounge

The Diamond “Lounge” table displays a unique diamond shaped top with beveled edges.

Paired with the seating options in the Jacques collection, these pieces can create intimate spaces with an air of refinement.


Van Dyck Outdoor

A table whose sculptural design has made it an icon of Minotti style is now available in an outdoor version with an intriguing assortment of materials.


Song Coffee Table

A lavish collection of extremely versatile coffee tables, thanks to the variety of finishes, shapes, and number of sizes available.


Ellis Coffee Table

Created as table-top surfaces for conversation zones, their restrained elegance and great number of shapes available allow the Ellis coffee tables to fit comfortably in many different settings.


Kay Coffee Table

The unconventional design and intriguing combination of materials of the Kay coffee table convey a very bold personality. The Kay coffee table comes in two heights, multiplying its possible uses – as a complement to the sofas and armchairs, or as components for a unique layering effect with other coffee tables in the collection.


Caulfield Indoor – “Gold” – “Black-Nickel”

Two new finishes – polished Light Gold and Black-Nickel – lend contemporary glamor to the family of Caulfield coffee tables. The Caulfield coffee tables come in four different sizes and coordinate beautifully with all the chairs in the collection.


Caulfield Outdoor

The Caulfield coffee table is now available in an outdoor version with an innovative combination of materials.


Calder Bronze sideboard

The series of Calder “Bronze” consoles, featuring pure, uncluttered lines, expands to include a family of sideboards.

The choice of elegant, luxurious materials contrasts the studied simplicity of the design.


Carson Writing Desk

The Carson collection also includes a practical desk available in two sizes.

The Carson desk is equally at home in the living room, especially when paired with the eponymous bookcase, and in the bedroom.


Carson Bookcase

The collection of Carson cabinets, with its pure, modern aesthetic, gains two new elements – a bookcase and a desk.

The bookcase, like all the elements in the Carson collection, is also finished on the back and therefore can also be used as a room divider.



2017 Minotti Collection by Christophe Delcourt


Fil Noir

The Fil Noir chairs take their name from thread – an unmistakable sign of continuity.

The thread, or tube, that actually makes up the body and substance of the chair – not only outlines its silhouette, but also supports and envelops it. A thread that expresses a core decision in the choice of material.


Fil Noir Dining

The Fil Noir little armchair has the same elegant design and enveloping shape as the eponymous armchair.


Lou Dining

Powerfully expressive, this family of tables and coffee tables draws inspiration from the fluid, organic shapes of tree trunks, true sculptures produced by nature.

The Lou table comes in both rectangular and round versions, in various sizes.

A masterful technique of high-end cabinetry made the creation of extremely complex curves and veneers possible.


Lou Coffee Table

Available in various sizes and finishes, arranging Lou coffee tables near one another calls to mind a charming domestic landscape.

This coffee table fits seamlessly in the bedroom, in place of a traditional bedside table, as well as in the living room, paired with any of the seating options in the Minotti collection.


Lou Sideboard

The sinuous shapes that set the Lou collection apart are revisited in the design of the horizontal sideboard, designed as the perfect companion to the table.

The fine art of cabinetmaking is evident in the elegant workmanship and refined finishes.


Noor Coffee Table

The sculptural shape of the Noor coffee table is grounded in the choice of a material with the plasticity of ceramics. It is made using an ancient, hand-crafted technique that lends each piece a unique personality.

The Noor coffee table is an exquisite object that radiates charm; one that, with its refined luster, brings a touch of sophisticated extravagance to any room.



About Rodolfo Dordoni

Architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture in 1979.

Responsible for the art direction of Artemide (glass collection), Cappellini (from 1979 to 1989), Fontana Arte (furniture collection), Foscarini (lamps), Minotti (since 1998) and Roda (since 2006), he designs for various companies, including: Artemide, Cassina, Dornbracht, Driade, Emu, Ernestomeda, Fiam Italia, Flos, Flou, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Jab, MatteoGrassi, Minotti, Molteni, Moroso, Olivari, Pamar, Roda, RB Rossana, Sambonet, Serralunga, The Rug Company, Venini.

Dordoni Architetti, founded in association with architects Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni, develops projects for houses, residential complexes, industrial and commercial areas such as offices, stores and showrooms, restaurants, hotels, yachts, as well as exhibit stands of diverse commercial fields


About Christophe Delcourt

Christophe Delcourt is a name that began to circulate among the French design crowd at the end of the 1990s. There are good reasons why the debut of this young designer did not go unnoticed.

Not only is he entirely self-taught, but his early design projects are the work of his own hands.

Later in his career, Delcourt decided to entrust the production side of his work to others but his across-the-board debut reveals a temperament unlike that of other designers.

He soon tried his hand at designing furnishing accessories.

A key juncture was my acquaintance with a craftsman specialized in wrought iron work and his cabinet-maker brother”, he recalls.

Working alongside them, I learned the techniques of the craft and how meticulous attention to detail in the production process could magnify the value of an object. There was a core truth in the equation between purity of purpose and the quality of perception of the object”.

Thus, tables, chairs and lamps come to navigate the boundaries of an extremely explicit and honest universe. Wood and steel lend vitality to objects whose apparent simplicity of form inevitably conceals flawless mastery of craftsmanship.

Delcourt’s style finds its full expression in this exquisite balance between purity of design, sophistication of materials and impeccable execution.

The course of Delcourt, designer and businessman, seems to have been clearly marked from the outset.

Before long, Delcourt felt the urge to take on new and different challenges.

Thus begin his partnerships with other manufacturers, both large and small, in France and further afield.

I like to work with other companies to explore new directions with them and, above all, to avoid repetition of familiar themes. I believe that my job as a designer is to express an honest point of view with regard to known production techniques and to introduce technical solutions, materials, colors and other features no matter what methods — artisan or industrial — are used to make them. Indeed, contrary to some popular opinions, I do not feel that industrialization is necessarily synonymous with simplification”.

The career of Christophe Delcourt as a discriminating and committed designer seems to be clearly defined, as is his ongoing quest for perfection and his ability to challenge even his own convictions and limitations, while growth remains the constant.

There are materials with which I would never have thought of working in the past and objects I never thought I would one day be designing. But the more I forge ahead in this profession, the more enthusiastic I become about these encounters and exchanges that open the door to new possibilities”.

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