Home by Robert Bronwasser @ Salone Milan 2016

Home by Robert Bronwasser @ Salone Milan 2016

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Robert Bronwasser passionately merges creative skills, common sense and 20 years’ experience into useful designs with a one-off look – to put a daily smile on your face.

Typically, an architect designs a house.

Afterwards, an interior designer takes care of the walls, rooms and decor.

They design from large to small, from outside to inside.

Robert Bronwasser takes the reverse approach.

In the eyes of this industrial designer, the furniture and products that people enjoy using every day are what make up a house.

With his project HOME, designer Robert Bronwasser is turning the house inside out.

The starting point for his designs are the four main activities that take place at home: sitting, eating, bathing and sleeping.

This approach creates the foundation for new furniture that centres on flexible use and responds to changes in the way we live.

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For the project, Robert Bronwasser began with the furniture.

For each of the four main functions in a house – sitting, eating, sleeping and bathing – he designed a piece of furniture.

As a result, new furniture arises that enable new ways of use.

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With this presentation I want to show how we can create new products not just in aesthetics and materials, but also looking at the manner of use and people’s changing needs” ……. Bronwasser


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The presentation created a lot of positive feedback from both consumers and professionals.

The integrated functionality, smart and simple solutions and his friendly design language was highly appreciated and resulted in wide interest from press, architects and manufacturers from all over the world.

All of  products ( over 50 in total ) in the presentation are designed by Robert Bronwasser.

Enjoy Everyday Design





In our modern lives, sitting has become far more active.

With our laptops, we are moving around the house more easily than ever before.

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Robert Bronwasser provides a clever response with his modular sofa, Corals, which he designed for Palau.

Equipped with lighting, power points and a fold-out desk, it’s perfect combination of home and work.

The Pillow Space designed for Cascando is used as an flexible and multi-functional room divider.

The sitting area is complemented by Homedia, a concept that turns television into furniture.




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Food and eating are daily essentials.

But it is not only about what you eat, but also how and with who.

Preparation and consuming your meal can be a social activity.

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That’s why Bronwasser transformed the Blog table designed for Cascando into a cooking island with interchangeable elements that can be used for cooking or storage.

The dinnerware he designed for the Hunebed Museum is inspired by the Netherlands’ oldest pottery and produced by Royal Goedewaagen.

The pans and cutlery were designed especially for his exhibition HOME in Milan.





The role of bathing has also changed dramatically in the hands of Bronwasser.

What is generally the least adaptable space in the house has become a flexible bathing island.

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The Well pool from Cleopatra provides the foundation for the bath, which includes an integrated shower and sink that can rotated in different positions as required.

All of the pipes are nicely hidden away in the upholstered ottoman.

The matching bottle on the shelf and the luxurious rubber duck add a touch of subtle wit.




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A bed is primarily for sleeping, but Bronwasser made it into a lovely oasis of relaxation with multiple backrests, upholstered in fabric from Kvadrat.

This ‘living bed’ also features an integrated lamp and small table.

It provides an ideal place to read, watch films and listen to music with headphones that he designed himself.

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Bronwasser uses Pillow Space from Cascando as room dividers, upholstered in fabric from the Maharam collection. These acoustic furnishings are equipped with storage space on the sides.

The matching rugs were created using floor tiles from Interface.

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About Robert Bronwasser

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Ever since graduating in Industrial Design in 1992, Robert Bronwasser has a clear goal: design products that you use with pleasure every day.

His passion and creativity merge into functional design with a one-off look.

The designer collaborates with innovative brands and major labels, and develops non-commissioned concepts.

Rewarded with numerous design prizes, both his commercial and non-commissioned work is on show regularly at international fairs and design exhibitions.

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Robert Bronwasser’s studio is located in Amsterdam-North on the banks of lake IJ.

The former industrial area has been transformed into a new district that accommodates living, working and relaxing.

The inspiring premises have been fully furnished with his own designs.


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