Chatswood Precinct @ Vivid Sydney 2017

Chatswood Precinct @ Vivid Sydney 2017

The Australian company ” The Electric Canvas” specialising in the field of large scale projections took over Chatswood with a range of incredible installations for Vivid Sydney 2017.

Through the use of high-powered digital and PIGI filmstrip projectors the Electric Canvas artists, designers and technicians can accurately apply light and art to structures and surfaces for a wide variety of applications




Chatswood Precinct Projects  –  Vivid Sydney 2017


Chatswood’s buildings, shopping malls, streets and laneways have been reinvented as a retro-futuristic smart city called Future City, Smart City, with ingenious installations and light sculptures inspired by the ‘Steampunk’ design aesthetic of 19th century steam-powered machinery

At Chatswood Interchange more than 9000 spheres glow above in Voxelscape, and a pumping steam engine is created with interactive projection in Gear Shift; a glittering canopy of light in Chatswood Mall leads to Crossword, which sends out barrages of hidden light messages; an explosion of interactive light greets diners as they enter the Asian street-food hot spot, Hawker Lane in Westfield Chatswood; meanwhile, Light Bounce at Chatswood Chase Sydney encourages visitors to wander by day through a sparkling forest of refractive light.



Future City, Smart City – Steampunk Waterworld
Artist: The Electric Canvas.


As the centrepiece of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, the futuristic sails of The Concourse performing arts centre are the canvas for the feature son et lumière, where images and sound transport visitors into the realm of Future City, Smart City.

Future City/Smart City, which follows a flight of whimsical dirigibles to an airbourne, sustainable community; on returning to earth visitors peer into the reflective pool to discover the submerged magic of Steampunk Waterworld






The Octopoda
Artist: Amigo & Amigo
Simone Chua and Renzo B. Larriviere

Hanging above Hawker Lane, the Octopoda invites audiences to become part of his tentacle percussion ensemble.

Featuring eight tentacle drums, each activates a unique display of colour and light animating the Octopoda’s musical mind.

Inspired by steampunk themes, when all eight drums are playing together Octopoda will dazzle audiences with his mechanical moves and rhythmic light display.


Artist: The Electric Canvas.

At the Victor Street intersection, Crossword will send a cross fire of emotive words and phrases into mid-air.

The audience become the backdrop to this enigmatic projection as hidden messages and meanings appear on revellers.


Gear Shift
Artist: The Electric Canvas.

Extreme-resolution projection and intelligent motion tracking come together to create a unique interactive experience on the Level 3 footbridge leading to The District dining zone.

Shifting, pumping and turning in perpetual motion, the projections will respond to the movements of the public, constructing an amazing steam-powered machine.



Light Bounce
Artist: The Electric Canvas.

Visit Light Bounce by day at Chatswood Chase Sydney where a forest of totems welcomes the youngest of Vivid-goers.

Visitors small and tall will be immersed in the light as it reflects and refracts off of the different surfaces as they play within this captivating installation.


Artist: The Electric Canvas.

At the Chatswood Interchange, the vast air space of the retail and dining hub will be filled by a volumetric array of more than 9,000 LED light spheres, creating a three-dimensional light show viewable from any level of the Interchange.


Canopy of Light
Artist: The Electric Canvas.

Leading visitors further into the precinct, Chatswood Mall will be awash in a colourful glow of light, emphasising Chinese elm trees planted along the thoroughfare.

Almost one kilometre of silver bud-light will create a glimmering canopy of light that fans out across the Mall.

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