Dreamscape @ Vivid Sydney 2017

Dreamscape @ Vivid Sydney 2017

Dreamscape, the world’s largest interactive lighting display. was conceived by lighting artist Iain Reed and event production company 32 Hundred Lighting

It links the entire Quay precinct from the Sydney Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge into one cohesive canvas of light.

Key features of the installation are its accessibility and interactivity, enabling participants to control the colour, texture and pattern of lighting along the entire precinct.

Spanning a kilometre between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this ‘line of light’ can be changed by the viewer based on color, pattern and texture

This expansive and dynamic installation enhances buildings around Circular Quay with colour and texture; sets up a one-kilometre ‘line of light’ along the Cahill Expressway and beams 25 brilliant ‘fingers of light’ into the night sky from the roof of the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

'Harbour Lights' illuminates the waters of Sydney Harbour with vessels moving across the water in a synchronised lighting display; while 'Dreamscape', the world’s largest interactive lighting display, lights up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the buildings along Circular Quay. Both installations created by 32 Hundred Lighting and artist Iain Reed. 6pm – 11pm, ends 17 June. #vividsydney

Posted by Vivid Sydney on Friday, 2 June 2017


During last year’s Vivid Sydney festival, 32 Hundred Lighting achieved a Guinness World Record with its quayside installation Dress Circle, setting the benchmark for large-scale interactive lighting installations.

In 2017 the company has smashed its own world record, by adding the one-kilometre lighting of the Cahill Expressway and seamlessly integrating The Bridge installation.

Dreamscape is further enhanced by innovative use of the latest eco-friendly technology, adding exceptionally bright light levels and exquisite colours.

iain reed


Dreamscape allows you to create your own colours and patterns on the city skyline and share it with people watching from vantage points around the harbour. One of the hardest things was working out how to control half a million control channels in two button pushes.” …………… Iain Reed


The control hub for the installation is located in a perspex dome at Circular Quay and uses an extraordinary purpose-built 3D interactive model of the city skyline

Participants simply touch the model to change the colours and patterns across the canvas of the buildings before them or to add their own sparkle to the eastern face of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This beautiful and inspiring interactive model provides an exciting level of performance to the event, with the resulting display shared by viewers watching from vantage points around the harbour.


Sydney's amazing Vivid lighting festival starts tomorrow night bigger and brighter than ever. Tonight is the media launch. 32Hundred lighting has done an amazing job!

Posted by Heath Williamson on Thursday, 25 May 2017







About 32 Hundred Lighting

32 Hundred Lighting is an innovative lighting and audio company as well as being one of Australia’s leading event production companies.

It was established in 1988 by Iain Reed who has worked in every aspect of live, television and theatre productions throughout the world.

Since 1988, the company has developed and maintained its position as innovators, providing cutting edge production for imaginatively coordinated event presentations in Australia and the Asia-Pacific for the entertainment industry, corporations and events

The company specialises in lighting and audio visual design, freelance technical production, audio production and event management.

3200’s initiative, imagination and experience has enabled the company to provide top of the range technical direction, design and installation of multi media events primarily in, but not limited to Australia.

32 Hundred Lighting has been involved with Vivid Sydney since 2011.

In that time, the company has

  1.  Created the world’s largest real-time interactive lighting installation on the Harbour Bridge with ‘Play The Bridge’;
  2.  Conceived and implemented lighting installation on the Circular Quay dress circle buildings with ‘Skyscraper Illuminati’, ‘Sentinels of the Seasons’, and 2015’s interactive installation ‘Paint  the Town’;
  3.  Used the Martin Place Cenotaph to represent theatres of war;
  4.  Created ‘River of Light’ at Chatswood 2015;
  5.  Conceived the very popular Harbour Lights where since 2014, Sydney Ferries are be-decked with GPS-linked lights that change colour as they move through various zones within the   harbour.

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