Nanimarquina @ MOST

Nanimarquina @ MOST

The brand NaniMarquina comes to MOST in Milan with its inventive collection of rugs, made of biodegradable materials. This new use of materials is revolutionary in the production process of carpets, employed by this innovative company for the last 25 years.

“Natural is what doesn’t need any great effort to comprehend”.

After 25 years designing and producing stunning carpets, Nani Marquina looks back on her career, choosing the best of her expertise. She became recently a grandmother, and that’s why she looks back to her life and all that happened, what she learnt and the preferences in life after this years of travelling, gathering experiences, knowledge and the wisdom of others.

NaniMarquina thinking has been that true innovation lies precisely in creating rugs using what our environment gives us, like the plant that grows around us. We together go back to the roots of the handmade carpets materials and techniques.

The Natural Collection has been produced with an exclusive selection of natural fibres that reflect the plurality that nature has to offer: nettle, afghan wool, silk and jute.

These fibres are twisted together into continuous thread: a highly laborious manual process that enriches the design, giving each carpet a soft and unique texture


About Nani Marquina

After studying industrial design at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona and realising the success of her first made to order textile designs, Nani Marquina embarked on the at the time unknown career of industrial design.

True to herself and sensing the success her designs could reap, she created her own business in 1987 despite the difficulties of the times.

Nanimarquina was created as a brand dedicated to the design, creation and distribution of rugs and textile products for the home, which were based on values such as observation, innovation, enthusiasm and the ability to make craft traditions contemporary.

Nani Marquina has invested special attention and effort in finding the right raw materials and manufacturing processes from the very beginning; factors that enrich the aesthetics of her designs, the main reason for the brand’s commercial success. In addition, thanks to her visionary attitude, Nani Marquina has included in her range of products, collections by outhouse designers of international prestige, and she was the first textile designer to work on the concept of designer rugs.

nani marquina

In 1993 Nani Marquina embarked on her most daring business adventure: she moved the manufacturing facilities to the north of India. The incorporation of craftsmanship and tradition as a new design concept differentiated and characterised the brand. New production methods using craft methods were explored and incorporated, making her designs unique.

The company’s second generation was incorporated in 2002, consolidating its growth and international expansion.

The company’s products and Nani Marquina began to be recognised internationally.

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