Musical Chairs at Ventura Lambrate @ Salone Milan 2013

Musical Chairs at Ventura Lambrate @ Salone Milan 2013

musical chairs

“Musical Chair” is a hybrid project developed by MammaFotogramma Studio, in collaboration with IED and some of its’ students.

The collaboration started during a workshop of animation coordinated by the Studio, where the students were introduced to the basics of animation and in particular the stop-motion.

Musical Chair is a multidisciplinary creative project that sees the unconventional contamination of animation, design and architecture. The starting point is the creation of a collection of chairs – unique pieces, with a special mechanical joint, which come to life thanks to a design aimed to the structural animation of the elements.

ventura lambrate

Handcrafted and made of cherry wood from a historic joinery in Varese ( now closed for more than 15 years (Falegnameria Prevosti)

During the Fuori Salone chairs will be the protagonists of a video animation that will become the Clip of the district of Ventura Lambrate.

ventura lambrate 2

For the 4th time in a row, Organisation in Design proudly presents Ventura Lambrate: a completely curated exhibition area with an international mixture of upcoming talents, renowned names and excellent returns of exhibitors from the last few years

Ventura Lambrate presents a great mix and well-balanced selection of works from the international design field. Ventura Lambrate aims to excite and inspire its visitors by presenting collaborations between different disciplines and by showing unexpected pairings of exhibitors, such as placing renowned brands next to up-and-coming designers!

Once again Ventura Lambrate 2013 contributes to the visibility of all kinds of design talents, worth looking at.

This year the event will host 135 diverse exhibitors on more than 10.000m2 of space,

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Click here for the complete list of exhibitors.

This edition of Ventura Lambrate will also represent movements occurring in the design world: today’s contemporary design is making crossovers between different fields like technology, research and craftsmanship.

A lot of designers are putting the process on the forefront, and it is also eminent that designers more often collaborate with each other and establish collectives.

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About Mammafotogramma

MammaFotogramma is a Milan-based animation and design studio founded in 2008 around a common interest in hybrid approaches to, and the complexities of, animation.

Our present focus explores the infinite potential of user participation through moving images.

To date, the studio consists of: Gianluca Lo Presti (animation director), Giulio Masotti (architect and scenographer), Marco Falatti (sculpture and filmmaker), Federico Della Putta (illustrator and character designer), Ettore Tripodi (artist and scenographer).

Collaborators: Erika Panunzio, Olga Stopazzolo, Mariolina Suglia

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