Sollos @ Salone Milan 2018

Sollos @ Salone Milan 2018

SOLLOS, “Good news from Brazil” – An installation by Jader Almeida that brings the timeless elegance of the Brazilian brand to Milan

SOLLOS is participating in the collective The Litta Variations presentation, with an installation that reveals its truest soul, at the same time presenting its latest new features: Bossa and Bell Chair.

Good news from Brasil ” is a total immersion in the SOLLOS world: iconic and award-winning projects, presented next to the latest achievements, catch the eye of the visitors with a layout that invites to admire the timeless proposals of the Brazilian brand in every detail and from different angles.

Art, design, comfort and functionality dialogue with the rich and evocative baroque rooms of Palazzo Litta in a harmonious language.


We started from the idea of presenting an extract from the collection through our most significant pieces. We did not follow a chronological order, because creating “timeless” objects is an integral part of our creative philosophy.

Thus SOLLOS products are like words that follow one another to tell who  we are, our history, and our way of interpreting design.

This year, unlike previous editions of the Fuorisalone, where we were protagonists in environments reserved for us, we have chosen Palazzo Litta, a prestigious, historical and fascinating setting that has established itself over the years as a key Milan Design Week location “. …………. Jader Ameida, Sollos creative Director



Good News from Brazil “ extends over three different environments.

In the first room, on a stage, the brand’s product parade: chairs, tables, lamps and accessories, while a wise use of lighting emphasizes shapes, curves, lightness and variety of materials.




Next to the main room, a lounge area welcomes guests who want to take advantage of the comfort and functionality of SOLLOS design for a business meeting, an interview or simply for a short moment of relaxation.



In the third room, adjacent to the first two, the product becomes a work of art: enclosed in a frame and broken down into fragments, it reveals its most intimate secrets, from the veins of wood to the craftsmanship that gave it its shape, without neglecting the authentic Brazilian touch.



This year’s Sollos released 2 new products both design by Jader Almeida – the Bell Chair and the Bossa chair.


Bell Chair

The refined Bell chair is the latest addition to the SOLLOS brand,

Designed by Jader Almeida and presented last March 2018, in occasion of the inauguration of the brand’s showroom at São Paulo in Brazil, owes its name to the Brazilian term “esbelta”, meaning thin, streamlined.

The chair stands out due to its’ sinuous and delicate form, its slender and tapered structure and its small dimensions.

Thanks to its architecture, Bell is able to adapt  perfectly to the morphology of the human body; the sturdy structure of solid wood and the comfort of the back and seat – both padded – express a perfect balance between aesthetics and well-being.

Ergonomics, attention to detail, flowing, soft and harmonious lines combine with the brand’s elegant and timeless spirit, making Bell a versatile chair, suitable for any environment and in line with the needs of contemporary lifestyle.

Dimensions: 54.5 x 54 x 76 cm

Materials: Solid wood frame and armrest Padded seat and back



Bossa Chair

The Bossa chair perfectly embodies the spirit and characteristics of the music to which it owes its name.

Brazilian in materials and style, the seat is disting uished by the trapezoidal shape of the back, the softness of the lines and the strong contrast between the materials (wood and rattan), which together give it a contemporary and cosmopolitan air.

Launched for the first time on the European market, Bossa celebrated the tenth anniversary since its founding in 2007.


In addition to Bossa and Bell chair, many other Sollos products were on show at Palazzo Litta including: the iconic seats of the Clad line, whose flowing and organic shapes and twists take inspiration from the Cycladic style, the award-winning Celine, that recently won the IF Design Award 2018 in the Discipline Product category, the Memory, Mush and Jardim lamps but also the practical and contemporary side tables Cigg and Asti.



All SOLLOS products stand out for their high design content, the use of top quality materials, attention to detail and authentic Brazilian taste.

The superb craftsmanship gives life to true and proper collectibles, to be admired at Palazzo Litta



About Jader Almeida

Jader Almeida is among the most recognized Brazilian designers of international renown.

Born in 1981, he graduated in architecture winning some of the most important national and international design competitions.

Since 2004 he has been the author of exclusive collections that he develops in collaboration with his main partner: the SOLLOS brand, of Santa Catarina.

In addition to interior design, Jader develops residential and contract architecture projects from his Florianopolis office in Santa Catarina.




13 years after its creation, Sollos by Jader Almeida can be proud of its multi-faceted collection that includes a wide variety of furnishings, from chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, sofas, tables, interior design items, to lighting and decorative accessories.

Sollos has chosen to use designing as a strategic tool and integrating element of its production chain, it has led them to become known as an innovative company.

Sollos design integrates the best of the Brazilian culture to international references through a wise use of the materials, from the fine selection of the wood which comes from unprotected forests.

In the same way, metals are forged as if they were veritable pieces of jewellery.

Today Sollos aims to become a world-wide recognized brand and it is living an intensive program of internationalization activating collaborations with high-end retailers all around the world.

The countries where Sollos collections by Jader Almeida are now distributed are: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Lebanon, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UAE, UK, USA.

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