Sollos – Good News from Brazil @ Salone Milan 2016

Sollos – Good News from Brazil @ Salone Milan 2016


Sollos present their exquisite international collection at the “Good News from Brazil” exhibition during the traditional Milan Design Week

Sollos has been creating innovative, high quality products since 2004, and the designer Jader Almeida, known for his design that brings the perfect synchronicity between shape and function.


The collection consists of consolidated, tested and approved Sollos / Jader Almeida products, such as the classic Bossa and Easy chairs and the Linna and Mirah armchairs, as well as the recent Clad collection, made up of chairs and armchair in one fluid line based on the Cycladic art.

In addition to the extensive range of furniture, lamps and accessories signed by the designer, complete the elegant collection.

sollos products

The exhibition will take place on Via Giuseppe Sacchi 5, in Brera, an area which is known by the concentration of events, galleries and restaurants, in a 450 m² gallery with the project and the curatorship by Jader Almeida, just as the newly launched showrooms in Recife and Miami, where the lightness and the delicate and balanced choice of the materials are added to the commitment to good design.

sollos miami

sollos miami showroom

With subtlety and no commercial aggressiveness, the gallery will be identified with a totem in tango color, which can be seen by visitors from any point of view.

In the project, the upper floor has neutral colors and the products are arranged so that they generate different interpretations, stimulating the senses and perception.

In the lower atmosphere, a great display will surround a table with organic shape, and it hold individual pieces that can be observed from all angles. Moreover, there will be also a large panel with images and products clipping which will give a subtle dimension of Sollos and Jader Almeida.

“I have always told people about design, independent of regionalism or nationality. I like the idea that good design communicates in all languages.

Therefore, I believe that the consequence of a consistent work and which contains language in itself, transcends borders naturally”, Jader Almeida, designer and creative director of Sollos asserts.

sollos timber

Via Giuseppe Sacchi 5


About Jader Almeida

jader almeida 2

Jader Almeida was born in 1981 in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

At the age of 16 he had his frst contact with the furniture industry, beginning his involvement with the entire production process.

He worked for the company LinBrasil, editor of the furniture collection signed for recognized architects and designers, experience that enabled him a great understanding of design and production techniques.

Since 2004 he develops unique products for Brazilian and foreign industries, with his primary partner brand SOLLOS from Santa Catarina.

jader almeida 3

In 2013, joins the team of designers of the german brand ClassiCon.

Graduated in architecture, with award-winning pieces in major national and international design competitions, Jader Almeida has gained increasing prominence and continues improving his work with his participation in exhibitions, technical visits and courses in several countries.

He also works on architectural projects commercial and residential, developed in his office in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

I look for rationality, simple geometry, in pure forms with timeless aesthetic. I seek to create products with durable values. Approaching the legacy of the masters, but looking ahead, thinking that the choices of today will be the refection of tomorrow.”


About Sollos

sollos 5


In 2016, Sollos celebrates twelve years under the creative direction of the designer Jader Almeida and rati?es its position as an innovative company. With a collection with over one hundred items, it supplies the Brazilian market as a whole and continues expanding internationally, with distribution in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, Chicago, Miami, among others.

Claudio Frank and João Frank, the executives in charge of the industrial plants in Santa Catarina, a state in the South of Brazil, have permanently invested in new concepts, technologies and production processes to ensure the quality and authenticity of each manufactured item.

Design is the chosen strategic tool, integrating SOLLOS entire feed-production chain from the selection of raw material up to customer relations. In these factories, state of the art equipment is combined with artisanal techniques to achieve sophisticated and accurate results.

Aiming at the preservation of natural resources, SOLLOS promotes a rational use of raw materials as well as the treatment of 100% of production waste.

The wood comes from sustainable management areas and components have low environmental impact

“We seek to integrate the best of our culture to international references”, Claudio Frank asserts , Chief Commercial Officer of SOLLOS. For the last ten years, the brand has expanded its manufacturing facility, we have invested in e equipment and logistics, new materials have been introduced, we have made annual launchings and our products have won the main national and international awards in their segment, like Museu da Casa Brasileira, IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award.


Sollos Awards


29º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Clad chair (honorable mention), Twist table (honorable mention)
Good Design Award Chicago – USA: Clad chair
IF Design Awards 2016: Clad chair


28º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Bank table (1st place)
W Design Awards: Dinn table (outstanding)


IF Product Design Awards 2014: Easy chair and Mad armchair
Good Design Award Chicago – USA: Easy chair
Brasil Design Awards: Milla chair and Mirah armchair


26º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Dinn table (1st place)
Brasil Design Awards: Euvira armchair
IF Product Design Award 2013: Mirah armchair and Milla chair
German Design Award 2013 (NOMINEE): Loose hanger
Red Dot Product Design Award: Loose hanger and Euvira armchair


Designpreis Deutschland 2012 (NOMINEE): Linna armchair and Clip bookcase
IF Product Design Award 2012: Euvira armchair
25º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Blade bench (1st place), Phillips stool (1st place) and Platta chair (2nd place)
Good Design Award Chicago – USA: Loose hanger


Idea Brasil: Ipanema armchair
IDEA Awards USA: Linna armchair
IF Product Design Award 2011: Clip bookcase


Idea Brasil: Cheig bench
Salão Design Casa Brasil: Bossa chair
23º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Matriz collection (honorable mention)


22º Prêmio Museu da Casa Brasileira: Bossa chair (selected for exhibition collection)

Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 5

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