Sollos from Concept to Reality @ Salone Milan 2016

Sollos from Concept to Reality @ Salone Milan 2016

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The Sollos exhibition took place under project direction and the curatorship by Jader Almeida, in a 450 m² gallery at  Via Giuseppe Sacchi 5, in Brera (the Arts district of Milan, known for its concentration of events, galleries and restaurants )

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With creativity and “savoir-faire”, Sollos presented its collection whose DNA is rooted in a timeless elegance and pure lines, to enhance your interior.

The line comprises the essential pieces to provide the perfect contemporary home : lighting, accessories, chairs and armchairs, couches and tables.


Sollos and Jader Almeida have forged a culture of excellence and modernity, with an endeavour to use subtly the codes of Brazilian design.

This presentation mirrors recent Sollos showrooms in Recife and Miami, where the lightness and the delicate and balanced choice of the materials are added to the commitment to good design.

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This was Sollos’s 3rd consecutive year to present their collection to the international market, in an exclusive gallery during the Milan design week.

Sollos has been creating innovative, high quality products since 2004, and their creative and product designer Jader Almeida ( known for his design that brings the perfect synchronicity between shape and function ) again brought their “Good News from Brazil” international product collection exhibition to the Salone.

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The collection consists of consolidated, tested and approved Sollos products, such as the classic Bossa and Easy chairs and the Linna and Mirah armchairs, as well as the recent Clad collection, made up of chairs and armchair in one fluid line based on the Cycladic art.

In addition to the extensive range of furniture, lamps and accessories signed by the designer, complete the elegant collection.


I have always told people about design, independent of regionalism or nationality. I like the idea that good design communicates in all languages. Therefore, I believe that the consequence of a consistent work and which contains language in itself, transcends borders naturally” ……. Jader Almeida.



Lower Level

The lower floor has neutral colors and the products are arranged so that they generate different interpretations, stimulating the senses and perception.



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sollos 2016 salone jader almeda


Mid level



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Upper Level

In the upper floor,  a great display will surround a table with organic shape, and it hold individual pieces that can be observed from all angles.

Moreover, there will be also a large panel with images and products clipping which will give a subtle dimension of Sollos and Jader Almeida.

sollos 2016 render 2


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sollos 2016 timber counter

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Details are significantly interesting for us.We are driven to reach the smallest of details and find the best constructive solution for each, so they can produce a precise and pleasant aesthetic” … Jader Almeida


jader almeida

jader almeida



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