Minotti – An Inspirational Journey

Minotti – An Inspirational Journey

minotti inspirational journey books

An Inspirational Journey” is a collection of the most remarkable projects from around the world, which have been developed over the last few years

These reference books were conceived to demonstrate the incredible versatility of Minotti products and how they fit seamlessly into many very different kinds of environments.

An Inspirational Journey” will be an enduring source of inspiration when designing your own projects and we invite you to come back often to the “Projects” section of Minotti‘s website, which is constantly updated with the most interesting new projects.


The “Homes” volume is dedicated to residential projects,

copertina home




The “Commercial” book you will find a selection of the most fascinating contract projects.

The cover below, features the strikingly powerful architectural project ” 171 Collins Street” designed by Bates Smart in Melbourne ( featuring dedece supplied Minotti furniture in the building’s dramatic lobby )

minotti commercial projects book cover

minotti commercial intro

minotti commercial projects index

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