Minotti – “Interiors all over the World”

Minotti – “Interiors all over the World”

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Since the 1950’s Minotti has been ranked as a leading brand in the design industry, thanks to its’ unique style and innovative product development.

With its  “Interiors all over the World” book  Minotti aims to offer perspective on its own vast collection, through an impressive gallery of images, that depict various Minotti products in public and private settings around the world

Styles and home environments that are quite different from one another demonstrate just how comfortable, each of these elements can be in any setting.

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The incomparable lifestyle of Minotti has made a significant contribution to the creation of highly qualified projects for public spaces : such as lounges, waiting rooms, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, boats and boutiques


With “Interiors all over the World” Minotti offers hands-on testimony to its own untiring commitment to spreading a passion for Italian Style

A unique combination of Quality, Craftsmanship, and Industrial Design, around the Globe.

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