Minotti – “The World of Materials”

Minotti – “The World of Materials”

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A four-minute video takes the viewer on a sensational tour through “The World of Materials”, the elegant and vast selection of fabrics, leathers, and materials in the exclusive Minotti collection, showcasing the company’s ability to craft contemporary interior design that is admired around the world.

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The accent is on the quality of the decor and the many tools available to clients and design professionals who are able to offer a truly customized interior design service by partnering with Minotti in bringing the unique and sumptuous textile collections, leather and materials to their designs.

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minotti world of materials

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Online materials catalogue launched by Minotti

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Minotti’s new online materials catalogue has been released.

You can now appreciate, directly on the Internet, the rich variety of patterns, textures and colours of materials currently available with Minotti furniture.

The materials presented comprise fabrics, leathers and woods for indoor and outdoor applications.


The catalogue can be viewed on a standard computer or notebook as well as on an iPad device.

NB >  the MATERIALS section of the Minotti website is reserved exclusively for professionals such as Resellers, Architects, Interior Designers and Project Managers, who have requested and obtained personal access authorisation from Minotti.

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